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Danielle’s Sweet Newborn Session from By Jarquise

Today’s sweet newborn session from By Jarquise is celebrating darling Danielle! Mom and Dad chose to not find out her gender until birth; when Danielle entered the world, filling their hearts with such joy! The moments shared between this family are so precious and have a sense of calm. The natural light shining through image after image makes it all that much better and we are so excited for you to see all the cuteness below!

Tell us all about your new baby!

Tiffany (Mom): Danielle Elizabeth Morris is our adorable gift from heaven! She really surprised us when she entered the world; we chose not to find out the sex of the baby in advance, and we were convinced that I was carrying a boy. But we think that she’s the best baby ever (of course, we’re a little biased, lol). She is a very happy baby and her hobbies are cuddling, smiling, stretching and napping. She loves to wear pink and leopard print clothes, and enjoys long walks in the neighborhood in her stroller/bassinet. She sleeps throughout the night (and we are very grateful) with the exception of her one nighttime feeding. As each day goes by she seems to get cuter & more chubby; we love to kiss her cheeks!

How was your pregnancy?

Tiffany: Overall, it was great! Very early on in my pregnancy, I experienced occasional nausea throughout the day. However, it would go away after a light snack; and after the first few weeks, there was no nausea at all. I did’t experience any mood swings, and occasionally craved pizza from “Slim & Husky’s.” Other than that, I didn’t have any crazy food cravings, but I did notice that certain things tasted differently (like onions, garlic and toothpaste). My only complaint was the frequent potty breaks and the feet and ankle swelling (which occurred in the last month of my pregnancy). We chose not to find out the gender of the baby; but almost EVERYONE that I encountered suspected that we were having a boy. My sister threw me an awesome baby shower (via Zoom due to COVID-19) with the gender-neutral theme of “twinkle twinkle little star.” We received a ton of neutral colored newborn clothes, and used neutral colors in the nursery; but we still I assumed that I was having a boy.

Tell us about her birth!

Tiffany: “Dani” was born on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 10:28am at Vanderbilt University Hospital. I’m a physician, so it was VERY different (and a bit unnerving) being on the other side as the patient! But everything went well. I was induced at 3am, and labor progressed normally. About 3 hours went by before I even realized that I was having contractions. I was experiencing little-to-no pain. I elected to have an epidural (which eliminated my pain completely), and pushed for about an hour, and then my husband said he saw a head full of curly thick black hair and to our surprise, IT WAS A GIRL! She had the cutest cheeks, & we loved her immediately! We spread the news to all of our family and friends that we had a baby girl. My sister & best friend immediately ran to the store and bought girl clothes and bows (since there was NOTHING girly in the nursery)!

How have you been doing since she came into your life?

Tiffany: I am grateful for my awesome support system. My husband is extremely helpful, supportive, and a loving dad. My mom (from S. Carolina) and mother-in law (from ATL) both came (one after the other) for 3 weeks at a time. Also, my best friend/future nanny, and my sister (here in Nashville) have been ready and willing to babysit and provide support whenever it’s needed. Because of my family & faith in God, being a mother to Dani has been an easy and enjoyable transition. I never knew that I could love a baby so much, and ‘m thoroughly enjoying my time at home with her.

Did you have a vision for the newborn session?

Tiffany: Yes! I wanted a few photos with her swaddled, and I wanted to capture her in a Tutu. However, when looking in her closet, I didn’t have either (all of our swaddle blankets were neutral colors). Thankfully, a few days before the photo shoot, our neighbors gave us a girly swaddle blanket and a pink Tutu as a gift! It was perfect! My mother-in-law and I used I used some extra toole from the Tutu and made a matching headband with a bow. I then used things that I had around the house and items that were in her nursery as props, and it turned out well. My husband also contributed to the vision. The morning of the session, he jokingly said “we should get some pictures of Dani with the corvette.” He loves cars and throughout my pregnancy voiced his excitement about sharing his love for cars with the baby. Even though he was joking, I asked Jarquise is we could take some photos with the corvette. She said “you mean a real corvette??! Sure, let’s do it!” So we parked the car in the driveway and made it happen!

What was it like working with your photographer?

Tiffany: It was great! In addition to my vision, she shared with me that she likes to capture family/lifestyle photos. She shot some very sweet photos of us as a family and I love the daddy daughter photos that she captured. My favorite is a photo of my husband and Dani in the garage. Jarquise is very creative, professional and easy going. This is my 4th time hiring her….she was my photographer for my engagement photos, bridal shower and baby shower as well. She captures very unique shots with interesting backgrounds. We love Jarquise!

Congratulations Mom & Dad!! We are so glad we could share this sweet newborn session from By Jarquise. She is beautiful and we wish you all the best!


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