DiCicco Family Photo Session by Kara DiCarlo

It’s been SO LONG since we’ve had family photos taken! During our last family photo session, Adler wasn’t even walking yet, so we were definitely overdue! But this spring we finally got something on the books with Kara DiCarlo Photography! We packed up the car and made our way out to downtown Columbia, TN where we found a secret little garden right around The Polk House. Keep scrolling to see our photos!

Last time we chose a bright color scheme for our clothes, but this time, I wanted to go a little more muted. We brought out some green, gray and blue for a more cool look. It went really well with the garden and old buildings in the background.

As you can probably tell, the kids are at such a wiggly age! Adler loves to live life his own way and doesn’t like to be told what to do! Any time we would ask him to smile, we would be met with a “no!” or he would just cover his face with his hands – haha! The only way I could get him to smile was by tickling him which is what you’ll see in most of the photos where he’s next to me. 🙂

Hollyn had some really sweet moments with everyone during the photo session. She was very playful and affectionate towards us! She loved getting her “princess portraits” taken (photo above). After a wild year, we were happy to get back to some normalcy by taking photos out and about in one of our favorite quaint little towns!

These photos really brought out just how fun this stage of our lives are right now! Nothing is perfect, but we were happy to capture this moment in time as a family with our kiddos! As always, we loved working with Kara DiCarlo since the kids know her so well. Amongst the chaos with the kids, she was able to adapt and capture some very special moments.


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