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    Dr. Jenny Archer PT, DPT, COMT
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    Archer Physical Therapy is a concierge, in-home pelvic health physical therapy practice serving the greater Nashville area. We specialize in pregnancy and postpartum patients and bring the clinic to you. Avoid busy clinics, traffic, child care issues and scheduling conflicts and be treated at your convenience. Archer PT will help give you a truly individualized treatment plan for your specific condition and needs that work with your lifestyle.

    Pelvic Health during pregnancy and postpartum is essential to treat:

    • Urinary Leakage, Retention, Dysfunction
    • Bowel Leakage, Constipation, Pain with Bowel Movements
    • Prolapse/Fallen Pelvic Organs
    • Pelvic Girdle Pain/Pubic Symphysis Dysfunciton
    • Clitoral Pain Postpartum/Difficulty or Pain with Orgasm
    • Low Back/Hip/Abdominal Pain
    • Round Ligament Pain
    • Effective Push Practice and Strategies for Labor
    • Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation)
    • Painful Intercourse
    • Painful Scar: Perineal or Abdominal
    • Return to Running Postpartum

    Initial In-Home Session: 90 minutes   –   $225*

    Follow Up In-Home Session: 60 minutes   –   $190*

    Call 615-852-7441 for a free 30 minute consult to see if PT is the right fit for you!

    *Fee may be eligible for insurance reimbursement depending on your insurance plan and coverage options. Talk to your insurance provider about reimbursement rates and policies.

    **Archer Physical Therapy accepts HSA and FSA cards.

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