Meet Creative Crayons Workshop: Custom Party Favor Crayons

I am ALL about today’s business spotlight feature on Creative Crayons Workshop. Why? Because Shannon (a mom herself) creates incredible crayon favors and shapes – and they’re all made from recycled crayons! You dream it, she can create it! They are perfect for kids party favors, birthday gifts or a creative way to celebrate an event! Keep reading our interview with Shannon below to learn more about this awesome local business!

Tell us about Creative Crayons Workshop! How long have you been in business?

Shannon: We celebrate two years of business this month! It is amazing to look back and see how much our business has changed and grown in just two short years! We are always trying to improve and come up with new ideas for our creative crayons.

What made you want to work with kids?

Shannon:Being a mom of 4 kiddos myself, I see the need first hand for creative gift options outside of another toy that will get played with once and tossed aside. Our kids have a lot of input in the themes of crayons we make, they are the experts, not me! It is super fun though to connect with other parents and hear their stories!

What is the philosophy behind Creative Crayons Workshop?

Shannon:We strive to do everything with integrity. We won’t make something that we would not be happy with ourselves. It’s a process of learning but once the lesson is learned, we make the change and move forward. We are also all about treating people with value. Yes, we are a business, but we are all people making connections. You never know who you may run into that just needs a smile or someone to brighten their day somehow.

What are your strengths compared to other crayon companies?

Shannon: We are a pretty creative, persistent bunch. I think those qualities combined with integrity give us a great opportunity for success. We also recently started selling a few of our designs on Amazon which is a plus because what mom doesn’t shop Amazon Prime?!

What attracts parents to work Creative Crayons Workshop?

Shannon:I am a mom and a wife that just happens to run a business. We are all in this parenting game together doing our best to raise awesome kids! From baby showers to birthday parties, we like to celebrate our kids just like every other parent. We want to help parents achieve that!

What are some cool new and innovative trends you’ve seen in art supplies?

Shannon: It is so fun to see all the newest party themes that are ever changing!! When Toy Story 4 came out we designed a Cowboy Boot shaped Crayon and a Sheriff Star shaped Crayon that have been ordered for party favors. Adding the glitter and scents to any of our crayons is becoming more and more popular too, The thing I love about making and designing crayons is that whatever the trend, we can attempt making a crayon for it and see how it turns out!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Creative Crayons Workshop?

Shannon:Yes! We recently started designing personalized crayons for wedding favors, If you know someone getting married (or even just want a super special birthday favor!) We can design a crayon with the special date, name and phrase on it! Truly, the possibilities are endless. We need you to help us spread the word!!

Shannon! Thank you so much for sharing all about Creative Crayons Workshop! We love what you do and can’t wait to see the designs you come up with next!


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