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    A Global Passport to Learning

    Our play-based curriculum, Passport to Learning, is derived from the latest research, theory, and best practices in early child education. Through rich and thoughtful experiences, our children take on an adventure around the world as they learn developmentally appropriate skills and concepts.

    Imagine embarking on an adventure to a new part of the world every month, tapping into learning and imagination building an Eiffel Tower, discovering what animals call the Kenya savanna their home, painting little hands in henna, and crafting a dragon to celebrate Chinese New Year.

    At Big Blue Marble Academy, our Global Passport to Learning combines best practices in early childhood education with a play-based approach that ignites a love of learning and discovery for all ages. As we explore the world with your child, we are preparing them with the necessary skills to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Through each month-long theme, children explore and celebrate different countries and cultures in lessons prepared by our team of early childhood experts.


    Two children holding a bookA child holds a drawing of the Eiffel TowerChildren in hatsChild holds up fake moustache

    Our global curriculum features:

    Early Learning Essentials

    Our learning experiences are designed to build on growth and key milestones by addressing the essentials of early childhood learning: physical development (including motor skills), language and literacy, and cognitive development (including science, technology, engineering, art, and math). Research shows that children learn best in relationships with caring adults, and BBMA teachers ensure they make trusted connections to encourage attunement and attention. These interactions help to model important social and emotional skills for children to carry with them long after they leave our care.

    Cultural Literacy

    Pictures and storybooks are carefully chosen to bring each country’s culture to life in our classrooms while children build their literacy skills. Our children become aware of the multilingual world in which we live in through language immersion and the introduction of vocabulary such as hello, goodbye, thank you, and I love you. Our language exploration also incorporates Baby Sign Language and American Sign Language.

    Creative Expression

    Big Blue Marble Academy classrooms are filled with limitless opportunities for children to expand their learning through art, music and dramatic play. Painting, drawing, dancing, creating and playing musical instruments all transform into invitations to expand imaginations while building fine and gross motor skills and early literacy and math skills. Dramatic play reinforces cultural learnings as children pretend to climb the stairs of the Eiffel Tower or build a habitat using plastic animals and blocks.

    Character Development and Social Skills

    Focusing on a character trait each month, such as respect, patience and collaboration, teachers seek opportunities to highlight the trait for children in real situations with classmates and the world around them. Using mindfulness techniques also help children better understand and appreciate their feelings.

    Our Passport to Learning curriculum also features world language programs and character development through our Passport to Language and Passport to Community.

    Language Enrichment Programs

    Icon for Fostering Language Skills

    Learning a second language at an early age can help with cognitive development, increase empathy, and improve communication skills. In our Passport to Language classes, our children are learning a second language through games, music, and movement without the need for translation to English. Through complete immersion in the target language, our children learn in the most natural and effective way. And because the classes are so much fun, the children are always excited to learn more.