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Adler’s Safari Newborn Photos by Becka Edmonson Photography

This is an oldie but a goodie! My son Adler was born in February of last year and I wanted to share his Nashville newborn session with you all! Our friend Becka Edmonson Photography came into our home and delivered some excellent photos of our new life as a family of four! I’ll leave the rest of the photos below and you’ll also hear more about Adler’s birth!

My pregnancy with Adler: It was so exciting to find out we were having Baby #2! Hollyn had just turned two and we were in for another go around! This pregnancy felt so different than my pregnancy with Hollyn. I felt more nauseous, more tired (maybe it was the fact I was running around with a two year old?)… and everything just felt so different! Despite this, I still had no clue whether or not we were having a girl or a boy. His heart rate was always high and I was believing the old wives tales… I was so conflicted and really had no clue! When we found out it was a boy, it threw us for a loop at first – we were girl parents! But were also so happy to have a little brother for Hollyn. I am also the first born with only one younger brother, so it was just like a carbon copy of what I have always known and grown up with.

My labor with Adler: Since I had a very short labor with Hollyn (thankfully – and I know I am very fortunate!), I knew I had to choose a hospital close by. They always say the second baby comes even faster! My doctor told me to head to the hospital as soon as I felt anything. About 10 days before I had Adler, my doctor told me he could come any minute. So baby watch was on! My mom came into town and stayed a week before he was actually born – haha! I started having contractions and went in to the hospital and waited… and waited for him to come! It was nothing like my first labor! At one point, the nurse told me he was sleeping while I was in labor! But knowing my kids now – this is SO their personalities. Adler is super chill and Hollyn is so bubbly and talkative. Six hours later, Adler arrived (yes, I know, still an incredible timeframe to have a child) and the first thing I said was “you look just like your sister!” And he really did!

Our photo session with Becka: Becka Edmonson Photography is one of our close friends and she has taken our family photos in the past. We love her style and feel she can really capture our kids and family right in that moment so well! Adler AND Hollyn were actually both very well behaved for the photo session – a huge blessing! We wanted to show off his fun safari room, the dresser my husband built by hand and all of the special mementos that we welcomed Adler with in his new home. We absolutely love how everything turned out. Hollyn’s love and excitement for her new little brother shines through the photos and Adler’s calm and fun demeanor is even so evident in his newborn photos looking back on them over a year later.

Yay! I’m so happy to share Adler’s Nashville newborn photo session with you today from Becka Edmonson. Be sure to check out her site here: https://beckaedmonson.wordpress.com/ I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about my family!


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