Ancient Lore Village – A Great Family Getaway in Knoxville, TN

If you’re looking for a great family weekend getaway, then Ancient Lore Village is the perfect place! Just a short drive over to Knoxville, TN, your family will enter a new land of whimsy and wonder. Ancient Lore Village is a one-of-a-kind place with fairytale accommodations, a waterfall, hiking trails, outdoor yard games and more! Keep reading to learn more about our family stay at Ancient Lore Village!

Each dwelling at Ancient Lore Village is uniquely decorated in a fun fairytale theme including the Fairy Cottage, Gremlin Den, Leprechaun Lair, Waterfall Villa (where we stayed) and more! The thought that went into each design was perfectly planned to create a space that is fit for your dreams! Our kids had the best time believing they were staying in a waterfall tree with the running waterfall right outside our door and the birch branch details throughout out suite. If you like The Princess Bride or Lord of the Rings, this place will transport you into those ancient times!

Ancient Lore Village hosts community events most weekends and you can check out their calendar here to plan your trip around an event that suits your family the most! We stayed for the Dancin’ in the Moonlight event complete with an outdoor dinner party and a bluegrass band!

Thanks again to Ancient Lore Village for having us! We loved our stay and cannot wait to come back to experience a whole new fairytale land in one of your other dwellings! Contact them today to book your family trip – it’s such a fun and unique family weekend getaway in Knoxville!


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