Timeless Newborn Session with Evie Lynn Photography

Beautifully Captured Timeless Newborn Session with Evie Lynn Photography

Timeless Newborn Session with Evie Lynn Photography

Evie Lynn Photography‘s artistry and attention to detail has won our hearts over again! This time with Jacob’s beautifully captured timeless newborn session. Jacob, with his head full of soft hair and a personality that already shines through, was a delight to capture in classic newborn poses. Each frame exuded an irresistible charm, whether he was peacefully swaddled, sweetly resting his head on tiny hands, or cozily nestled against endearing props. What truly made this session remarkable were the subtle moments where Jacob’s personality shone through the lens. In some photos, his tiny features captured a heartwarming little grin, a glimpse of his budding character. If you’re ready for a whole lot of cuteness, keep on scrolling!

Tell us about your newborn baby!

For me! My baby is a miracle who came to fill our lives with light, I am a first-time mother and living this experience with him is a new adventure.

How was your pregnancy?

It was complex since we realized that we were pregnant at 5 months.

Tell us about his/her birth!

It was a natural birth, it was somewhat complex but everything went well, it is something inexplicable how a woman can give life.

Timeless Newborn Session with Evie Lynn Photography

How have you been doing since he/she came into your life?

The nights and the growth spurts have been complicated, but it is an experience that I enjoy every second because I do it with love! I can’t explain it.

Did you have a vision for the newborn session?

I just wanted it to be cute and leave everything in Evie Lynn’s hands! It came out super cool.

What was it like working with your photographer?

Very pretty, polite, respectful and very professional.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your session or your newborn?

Everything was very comfortable! Excellent photographer.

For anyone seeking to capture the beauty and innocence of their newborn, Evie Lynn Photography stands out as the perfect choice. See more of her work here then reach out to book your session!

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