Creative maternity photo session by Art Inspired Images

Capturing Memories, Creating Art: Meet Art Inspired Images

With a motto of capturing memories, creating art we are certain you’re going to love our newest vendor to Nashville Baby Guide. Meet Art Inspired Images! Owner Rayn has a passion for capturing genuine family moments. She utilizes her a background in child development to tailor each shoot, making the experience unlike any other. Her approach is natural and timeless, but gives all clients the ability to dream big with creative ideas. Keep on scrolling to see some of her work and find out more about her career as a family photographer!

Little Firefighter Shoot by Art Inspired Images
Creative maternity photography by Art Inspired Images

Tell us about Art Inspired Images! How long have you been in business?

Rayn: Over 10 years part time, but October 2019 photography became my full time career.

What made you want to work with parents/families/kids/babies?

Rayn: I actually have a degree in “Home Ec,” with a focus on child development. I love the parent/child connection, and I use my educational background to provide a better photography experience. I want to be able to show the natural beauty of everyday moments, create genuine smiles, and freeze time for families. I tell people that my super power is freezing time.

What is the philosophy behind Art Inspired Images?

Rayn: My philosophy is my motto: Capturing Memories, Creating Art. I truly believe that EACH memory is it’s own work of art. If Covid taught me anything, it is far EACH memory is precious and without a picture to look back on, the memories begin to fade. Photography is an investment, because it is an art form, but I try to keep it priced reasonably enough that more families can have those memories.

Cute holiday family photo inspiration by Art Inspired Images

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Rayn: I do believe having a over 15 year background in child development as a degree and profession, gives me a very special advantage when it comes to understanding children, communicating with them, and translating that into beautiful images. I do some things VERY differently than other photographers. I want each child to have a developmentally appropriate time. Some times this requires extra patience, but with a child centered approach we aim to make picture day the happiest place on earth.

What attracts parents to work with you?

Rayn: Usually word of mouth from other happy clients, my prices, and if they’ve met me, my fun personality. I am not afraid to be silly and have fun. I don’t want parents to have to “bargain” with their little one to smile. Instead we create a genuine experience and get that REAL smile each time. As a veteran school and preschool photographer, I’ve captured thousands of children. This means I’m used to having trucks up my sleeve.

Little Firefighter photo session by Art Inspired Images
Unique maternity session photo ideas by Art Inspired Images

What are some cool new and innovative trends you’ve seen in your area of expertise?

Rayn: I tend to create timeless images and avoid certain trends like off-color, heavy handed filters. BUT one trend that I LOVE is child inspired photo shoots. Does your child fantasize about being a fire fighter? Let’s go shot at a fire station. Does your child LOVE art and painting? Let’s schedule a paint session. Is your kid a junior Rachel Ray? Let’s set up a baking session! In this Insta/Pinterest day that we live in, I LOVE when parents come to me with a theme, idea, inspiration that is fitting for the child. These create such genuine smiles, laughs and moments. I am up for ANYTHING a parent dreams. I tell people, if you dream it, I can do it. PERIOD.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your business?

Rayn: When I left the comfort and security of my 9-5 career, I never knew how much craziness would ensue. A world wide pandemic, state wide shut downs, everything did a 180 on me, but I’ve decided that none of that will stop me from capturing the joy and smiles on family’s faces. Every client that chooses Art Inspired Images, helps me continue to capture memories and create art for years to come. I appreciate the trust that each family instills in me when they book their session.

Children's photo with Santa by Art Inspired Images

So talented, Rayn! We’re very excited to have you as part of our vendor guide!

If you’re looking for a family photographer to document your moments, be sure to connect with Rayn at Art Inspired Images!


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