Meet Priority PT on Nashville Baby. Guide

Designed with Mom in Mind: Meet Priority PT

Fusing her skills and certifications with her passion for helping moms, meet Priority PT. Owner Kelly takes pride that her business was designed with Mom in mind; offering personalized treatments to provide moms with the best solutions to common issues. Learn more about Kelly and her amazing approach to physical therapy in the interview below!

Designed with Mom in Mind: Meet Priority PT on Nashville Baby Guide

Tell us about Priority Physical Therapy! How long have you been in business?

Kelly: Priority Physical Therapy was created in September 2018. I left a corporate business for a smaller practice then slowly decided that working independently for my patients would be the next right thing for me and my patients.

What made you want to work with moms?

Kelly: As a mom and wife, I noticed that there were some things I had no idea could be issues or problems. After I had my kiddos, I soon found out that ladies had more issues than we talk about and that the solutions could be provided with physical therapy so easily! I love working with motivated Moms who want to get back to the activities they love without leaking or pain (this includes, sex, jumping on a trampoline, squatting and running).

Designed with Mom in Mind: Meet Priority PT on Nashville Baby Guide
Designed with Mom in Mind: Meet Priority PT on Nashville Baby Guide

What is the philosophy behind Priority PT?

Kelly: I started with the individual in mind. So many of my patient’s care in prior clinics was dictated by what insurance would reimburse me for and I started Priority PT with the MOM in mind as my guide (not what I would get reimbursed for). I put the mom’s goals and concerns first and I get to piece together her specific puzzle to help her get back to all of her PRIORITIES.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Kelly: I am able to spend 1 on 1 time with my patients. I get to talk to them and have more flexibility with care and treatment. I am able to be reached personally for questions or concerns. I can provide home visits or virtual visits to help progress a mom to her goals. I have special training to work with the pelvic floor and help moms from leaking which other companies don’t often do. My moms are my priority when they are with me and they are not juggled like most at physical therapy offices. I have certifications for dry needling, manual therapy, release work and orthopedics. I get to blend all of the skills I have together to look at a person as a WHOLE unit not just a body part or piece. Personal connections are made and you are made to feel empowered and in control of your body and your future.

Designed with Mom in Mind: Meet Priority PT on Nashville Baby Guide
Designed with Mom in Mind: Meet Priority PT on Nashville Baby Guide

What attracts moms to work with you?

Kelly: Having the connection as a real person and enabling them to see a light at the end of the tunnel to reach their goals. Finding a solution to their problems and understanding that there are solutions to their problems to begin with!

What are some cool new and innovative trends you’ve seen in your area of expertise?

Kelly: I am working with pilates instructors, medical providers, dietitians, and mental health counselors to give my moms the full care they need. Collaboration is essential with Moms and sometimes we have to work with other health care providers to get to the bottom of an issue. There is a lot of research coming out (who cares for the typical person but very important in the medical world) that suggests pelvic floor therapy DURING pregnancy not just after to help with incontinence. We have seen awesome results with working on scar mobilizations to help C-section and vaginal tears to help prevent other bladder issues and pains. A lot of the conversations I have with my moms are not complicated – the topics are things that we should address as soon as we see symptoms start in order to avoid other issues later down the road. I think the idea that most moms don’t know that there is help is sad and I want to change that!!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your business?

Kelly: I want to empower moms to stop putting up with the “status quo” and get their life back. If you are constantly hunting for a bathroom, limiting your activities with your partner, limiting your exercise and play with your kids, or just are not sure where to start – reach out! You deserve to be free of these common (but not normal) symptoms and live your life to the fullest!

Designed with Mom in Mind: Meet Priority PT on Nashville Baby Guide
Designed with Mom in Mind: Meet Priority PT on Nashville Baby Guide

Kelly, we love this and everything Priority PT stands for! If you’re a mom that’s look for a physical therapist, be sure to check out Kelly’s website and Instagram!


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