Ellery’s 3rd Birthday from Locklane Weddings & Events

Once your child is between 2-3 years old, the world is theirs! They have an opinion on everything including their birthday party theme! In Ellery’s instance, she had her heart set on a Beauty and the Beast birthday cake. So her mom (wedding planner), Megan of Locklane Weddings & Events took the theme and ran with it! The outcome? A fun-filled day to celebrate Ellery turning three! See more of her party details below!

Tell us all about the planning for Ellery’s 3rd birthday party!

Megan: We definitely planned the party around the cake, Ellery’s number one request! But while planning, we also had a 2 month old and had just lost my husband’s grandmother. It was a hard time to be celebrating, but definitely necessary. So while the theme revolved around the cake, we actually waited until the last minute to order as we were contemplating delaying the party. Luckily, I just happen to have a best friend who is also a great cook/baker and she made her famous chocolate fudgy cake with chocolate ganache and buttercream between each layer. It’s mouth-watering good! Finding disposables that were just Beauty and the Beast was actual more difficult than I expected! Luckily I was able to order them from Party City. Like most kids, Ellery enjoys anything printed with the characters she loves and since she had a handful of friends attending, the disposables were necessary! I always feel like it’s important to add personal elements with meaning, beyond a color scheme or theme that you like. I made a pink(ish) punch to fit the colors of yellow and pink, what was more important to me was what it was served from – a punch bowl I inherited from my grandmother. This punch bowl was used at her wedding and many different family gatherings throughout the years. It’s over 50 years old! And it will continue to be used whenever we can make it work at our family gatherings. The table we served the food from was my husband’s grandparents’ and then his parents’, another inherited piece that has a central place in our home and in our celebrations. To mimic the movie, I made “the grey stuff” from Disney’s recipe. It’s really is delicious! Basically pudding and oreos (aka pure sugar). We also had an enchanted rose, Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Lumiere.

What was the theme for the birthday party? Did you choose it or did Ellery?

Megan: For months, Ellery kept asking us for a “Beauty and the Beast cake” for her birthday. That’s literally all she wanted! And since she was so insistent, we decided on a whole party centered around the movie. She really loves the live action Beauty and the Beast soundtrack – we listen to it on repeat! And she loves both of the movies, but we listened to the music long before she ever watched them so she was singing along at her first viewing. The theme really fit with both her love for the music and her love to dress up.

Were there any games or activities at the party?

Megan: Ellery was gifted a bounce house for Christmas from her uncle and her birthday party was the perfect opportunity to bring it out. The temporary tattoos and various desserts also kept the kids entertained.

Did Ellery receive any gifts that were special to her?

Megan:Ellery’s best friend, Brighton, gave her the perfect Belle accessories for her dress. She loved looking like the perfect little princess!

Megan! Thank you so much for sharing Ellery’s amazing Beauty and the Beast birthday party with us! She will have so many amazing memories from this day!

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