Floral Field Mommy & Me Session from Sarah Sidwell Photography

Modern and classic, this floral field mommy and me session from Sarah Sidwell Photography is captured to perfection. Mom, Ruthie, and her two adorable kids headed to Sarah’s studio where their family session began with simplest yet striking of shots. Their sweet smiles continued as the three traipsed through the flower garden together, posing amongst the blooms to freeze a moment in time. No matter where they posed, one thing is for sure — the love between them all is absolutely priceless! Enjoy seeing more of this loving family below!

Tell us all about the family!

Ruthie: My son, Isaiah, is 6 years old and attends New Hope Academy. He loves outdoors, reading, riding bikes, and hanging with his sister and cousins. My daughter, Lydia, is 5 and loves anything pink. She loves being outside, gymnastics, and playing dress up with her cousin, Kelly.

Why did you decide to do the shoot now?

Ruthie: Sarah reached out to me about doing a photoshoot in her garden and studio. I had never had professional photos done so decided now was the time. I have known Sarah since college so I knew her photography skills are amazing!

What was the concept for your shoot? What was your vision?

Ruthie: I would say the connection between mother and child. To capture those special moments. Sometimes you have those moments where you are looking at your child and the connection is so strong you wish you had a picture of that moment. Sarah did an amazing job capturing a lot of those moments. She used two different aesthetics: 1) indoor studio portraits with a modern minimal twist on traditional studio portraits. 2) outdoor portraits with wildflowers

How did the kids react during the photo shoot?

Ruthie: The kids were very excited about trying on the different outfits Sarah had for them. Sarah was very good at keeping the kids attention and looking for opportunities to shoot while they were acting natural. My son is very serious so I didn’t know If there would be many photos of him smiling, but Sarah was able to make him so comfortable and got lots of beautiful pictures. My daughter had recently started healing from severe eczema and I was glad she was well enough to enjoy taking photos.

Were there any challenges along the way?

Ruthie: The kids could get a little distracted or it took a minute for them to get focused. But Sarah knew when to just let them play a little bit and how to get them to listen to her. It was a very stress free situation.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your photo session?

Ruthie: This photoshoot was one of the best times with my kids and I will always treasure these pictures. It was definitely an amazing experience and I always recommend Sarah to anyone needing photography done. Her skills are truly amazing and I look forward to doing more shoots in the future.

Ruthie!! Your floral field mommy & me session from Sarah Sidwell Photography is one we won’t soon forget. SO beautiful! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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