Fun Kids Birthday Party Themes for 2022 from Piece of Mind Events

Fun Kids Birthday Party Themes for 2022 from Piece of Mind Events

As your kids get ready to blow out the candles in celebration of another year around the sun, you may be wondering of some good party ideas to implement for the big event. Whether they’re inviting a large gathering or keeping it intimate with their best friends, these fun kids birthday party themes from Piece of Mind Events are sure to spark some creativity! Sharde is sharing two up and coming design ideas that will allow you and your kids to throw an exciting get-together. Keep on reading to see what she recommends!

Mermaid Birthday Parties

Tell us more about the trending Mermaid party theme for 2022!

Sharde: Mermaid parties! I don’t know about you but I grew up on Disney movies and this year many of the animated ones were recreated in real life! I am already excited about The Little Mermaid movie coming out in 2022. Not only is this movie going to be awesome, but it will have an African American Ariel. Every’ girl’s dream is to see someone they look like in a fairy tale!

What makes Mermaid parties unique and fun for kids?

Sharde: What makes mermaids fun for kids is that you get to use your imagination to create an underwater adventure. Of course, mermaids don’t exist. However, you can do so much with an underwater theme. You can maybe even tie in some educational things if you are sneaky enough! Yes, even at a birthday party you can sprinkle in some learning as long as it is fun.

What details can be used to create a mermaid party for a little one’s birthday?

Sharde: For a mermaid party, I see vibrant colors, like orange, purples, and greens for fish and the other underwater creatures. I would have a sea creature tables cape using a bright purple sequin tablecloth to make the table shine. Because I love to craft, I would make this entire party about art. So imagine sea shell necklaces, and create your own mermaid tail with assorted gems and beads. While most kids like to run around at parties, kids today are so self sufficient. Incorporating a craft they parents don’t 100% have to oversee promotes independence. Another awesome thing about craft style parties is that the art the guests create become party favors! So you don’t have to make party bags for your guests. I would suggest having 2-3 stations so kids don’t get bored. Some other fun ideas would be having small sensory boxes with sand or something easier to clean with underwater animals in it. I would also fill a kiddie pool with some play jewels and let each child collect them as hidden treasure.

Anime Birthday Parties

Tell us more about the Anime birthday party theme trend for 2022!

Sharde: It seems like anime is returning in a big way. All three of my boys are into it right now, so that would be a cool party theme. I imagine using red, black, and white for this theme as anime is a popular Japanese cartoon.

What makes the Anime theme unique and fun for kids?

Sharde: What makes this theme unique is that you can incorporate different concepts from the Japanese culture, yes again sneak in some learning.

What details can be used to create an Anime theme for a little one’s birthday?

Sharde: For a kid party, you can serve fun, easy snacks like potstickers. Kids can make their own sushi with play doh. Have kids make their own headbands like the ones worn in the cartoons. If you have boys, this may encourage some play fighting. If that happens, you can use crafts to let them make their own foam swords to take home.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about trending birthday themes for kids?

Sharde: I say to always think outside of the box when it comes to kid parties. They don’t have to be always cake, always cupcakes, and running around. A party should be something fun, easy to prep and clean, and low stress. Also, dare to dream big with activities that engage the children. Every parent hopes their child leaves happy and exhausted so why not make your next party engaging and unique!

Huge thanks to Sharde for sharing these unique ideas! Which of these fun kids birthday party themes are you loving?!


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