Five Pence Photography Nashville In-Home Family Session

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Session with Natural Light

Four kids, two parents, and one sunny day, Dale and Anna invited Bethany of Five Pence Photography into their home to document an in-home lifestyle newborn session with natural light. Having had Bethany document family moments before, they were excited to have her capture the newest addition to the family, Goldie Jayne while including Goldie’s three older siblings too! The best part about the session was the ability to let the personalities of each child shine, leading to such authentic moments with one another. See for yourself below!

Tell us all about the family!

Bethany: Dale and Anna run a holistic wellness clinic where Dale is also a chiropractor. They have 4 children, 1 son, 3 girls. Their names are Amos, Magnolia, Wren, and baby Goldie Jayne. They have a small farm where the cows and pigs seem to make constant escapes!

Why did they decide to do the shoot now?

Bethany: They are dedicated to having a photography session with each of their newborns.

What was the concept for your shoot? What was your vision?

Bethany: These photos will represent the most precious moments in your life. I try to honor that by keeping the sessions as easy as I can. I don’t want to stress the children out for the perfect smile, or “cheese” faces. I suggest a few loose poses and prompts for you to follow so that your family’s energy takes the lead. I’ve been saying for a while now, let’s keep it real, but make it pretty. I want the sessions to still look and feel like you!

How did the kids react during the photo shoot?

Bethany: I feel it’s mostly true that children enjoy an in-home session since they can meander safely around. They can go to their room, find their toys, or, grab a snack as ways of taking a break. The same is true for Dad’s 😉 Amos and Magnolia were very involved and in love with Goldie and Wren thought the session was all for her – haha!

Five Pence Photography‘s work always leaves us speechless and this in-home lifestyle newborn session with natural light she captured has done that yet again! Thanks so much for sharing Bethany.


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