Cinderella Birthday Party

Magical Cinderella Birthday Party

Annalyn’s 3rd birthday party was nothing short of magical as Romance and Rust waved their wand and transformed the setting into a whimsical Cinderella wonderland. From the enchanting blue hues to the delicate pink accents, every detail was fit for a princess. Children at the party had the opportunity to unleash their creativity by decorating white pumpkins while snacking on mini sandwiches and sweet treats. And what’s a birthday party without a pinata? Laughter filled the air as the children took turns trying to crack it open. The real magic of the day came when Cinderella herself made a grand appearance! Annalyn’s eyes lit up with joy as she met her favorite princess in person, making her birthday celebration truly unforgettable. Get ready to be inspired by this fun day below!

Tell us all about the planning for the birthday party!

From Savannah, Mom: Planning a Cinderella birthday party was so fun to do for our littlest girl! Cinderella is her favorite Disney princess and she was so excited to have a birthday party full of all things blue and a little pink, of course! Annalyn was so excited to dress up just like Cinderella! All of the little guests sat at a beautifully decorated tea party style picnic where they decorated white pumpkins, and enjoyed mini sandwiches, Cinderella themed sugar cookies, birthday cake and ice cream. Princess Cinderella made a guest appearance and all the little girls loved her! We ended with a number 3 piñata and opening gifts.

What was the theme for the birthday party? Did you choose it or did your child?

Savannah: The theme was “Cinderella” and our little Annayln chose the theme and talked about it for months leading up to her birthday party.

What was the cake flavor and what did your child do when you presented her with the cake?

Savannah: The cake was a beautiful blue cake lined with pink fondant ribbon and gold bows. The topper was a large custom made carriage with Cinderella in front. It was the most extravagant part of the cake. We also had vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with blue icing and the cutest custom made Cinderella cupcake toppers with different characters from the movie.

Did your child receive any gifts that were special to her?

Savannah: She loved opening her Cinderella dress and accessories that she wore that day!

What are some fun memories you’ve had of your child at this age?

Savannah: Annalyn completed her first year of preschool, her first year of dance, and her first year of gymnastics. She also really opened up this year and became much less shy and it was so sweet to witness her making new friends. We made so many memories on family vacations too!

What are you looking forward to in this next year of their life?

Savannah: We can’t wait to watch her experience all of these things again, but as a big three year old! She has the sweetest personality and loves school and her extra curricular activities.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the birthday?

Romance and Rust: We loved being a part of bringing so much joy to Annalyn’s birthday party and her sweet smile melts our hearts!!

Annalyn’s 3rd birthday party was a fairy tale dream come true, thanks to the meticulous planning and attention to detail by Romance and Rust. Here’s to Annalyn and her happily ever after!

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