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Meet Evergreen Events: Storytelling Through Party Planning

Every event has a story and Krystal from Evergreen Events is ready to tell yours! With years of experience in the hospitality industry, Krystal specializes in making special occasions run smooth. Whether your guest list is large or small, you need help finding vendors to make your celebration happen, and/or you’re looking for someone to keep you on schedule with the day’s events Krystal is the party planner will make it happen! Keep on scrolling to find out more about  Evergreen Events and how you can book Krystal for your next party!

Tell us about Evergreen Events + how long you’ve been in business.

Krystal: Hi! My name is Krystal and I have 15 years of event management experience and have owned Evergreen Events since 2021. Prior to owning Evergreen Events, I had planned and coordinated hundreds of weddings of all sizes and from a variety of backgrounds. In 2010, I moved to Nashville and worked as a Event & Catering Manager in hotels. I had my daughter in 2017 and decided to take some time off from my full-time position as Sr. Events & Catering Manager at the Marriott. In 2019, I started working with Ashley at Evergreen Events, planning and coordinating weddings part time. In 2021, I purchased Evergreen Events from her to continue, so I could continue to grow my career and my passion as a wedding planner and coordinator. It has been the best decision and have truly loved working with all my new clients.

How did you get started working with families through events?

Krystal: In 2008, after I graduated college, with a degree in Hospitality and Events, I started working at hotels and venues, planning and coordinating all types of meetings, social events, corporate events and my favorite, weddings! I loved being a part of the whole planning process and seeing the final result. I have had the opportunity to plan weddings that were multiple-days long, events with guest lists ranging from 20 people to 500 people, and events that celebrate various life occasions including birthday parties. Over the years, I have learned and seen all the things that can affect and alter the way an event turns out. I have also learned some interesting and unique ways to include each and every guest in your event. I love planning, dreaming and thinking of all the details. I keep detailed notes to accomplish all the items that are important to my client, so I can deliver the event of their vision.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Krystal: When you hire me, or anyone, as your coordinator, you are ultimately getting the person and what they bring to the table. So, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am Puerto Rican. I love to speak Spanish, dance and cook. I am organized and continuously keep the plan in sight, thinking of the best ways to achieve the goals I set out for myself. Additionally, I am resilience and adaptable, which is important when planning any event. I also have a lot of energy and passion. On a typical wedding day, I am on my feet for 10-12 hours straight, running around preparing everything so it is smooth and everyone is happy. My role is to be there for you with anything you may need. Sometimes you will need me to act as your gatekeeper, timekeeper, cheerleader, or I can also be the bad guy who lays down the law, if needed. The day is about you, not your family or friends and certainly not about me.

What attracts parents to your business?

Krystal: A lot of parents find me through recommendations from past clients, vendors and venues I have worked with. We start with a call, video chat or meet up to get to know each other more and see if we are a good fit for each other. I strive to ask lots of questions, take detailed notes of your vision and create a mood board to make sure I have captured your vision. Some parents prefer planning all their details for their kids parties & baby showers and just need someone to step in that day to keep things moving smoothly. Some families just need direction, time management and assistance finding the right vendors and setting things in motion. Either way, I learn and grow with each family I meet in hope to form a professional and lasting relationship with them.

What is the most innovative new product, service, style or other aspect of your industry that families might appreciate?

Krystal: The best events are the ones that tell a story! Telling your child’s story is what gives everyone that feel giddy feeling and makes for an unforgettable event so I strive to find ways to share unique details about the child or soon-to-be mama. By getting to know my client we discuss ways to make all opportunities a reflection of the child or mama. From the tablescape to food, they all tell a story about them.

Thank you so much for sharing, Krystal! If you aren’t already convinced that you need Evergreen Events on for your next celebration, check out this video here then reach out to Krystal!

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