Grassroots Health & Wellness Franklin Tennessee

Meet Grassroots Health & Wellness

We love the concept of “grassroots” and bringing everything back to the basics! This is why we are so excited to introduce you to our newest NBG Featured Business, Grassroots Health & Wellness! Grassroots Health & Wellness is located in Franklin, TN and puts your health as a priority! The holistic approach helps mamas, babies, and children achieve long-term wellness. Their chiropractic & nutrition services are sure to fit your specific needs! Without further ado, I’ll let Dr. Nicole Barton take it away and tell you more about Grassroots Health & Wellness!

Tell us about Grassroots Health & Wellness! How long have you been in business?

Nicole: Grassroots Health and Wellness is a chiropractic office dedicated to advocating for your health and well-being using individual based chiropractic and nutrition. Grassroots Health and Wellness was born in January of 2021!

What made you want to work with families and children?

Nicole: I have been in health care for the last 20 years and started as a pediatric nurse. I have always had a passion working with children and families and wanting to see them achieve the highest level of health possible. After years of seeing children at their most sick I wanted to be able to work on helping them be more healthy so I went back to school to be a chiropractor and then went on to postgraduate studies to complete beyond 250 hours to help children and pregnant women.

What is the philosophy behind Grassroots Health & Wellness?

Nicole: Grassroots Health and Wellness welcomes all individuals and families alike to enjoy a radiant and natural way to achieve optimal health and well-being. We have what you call a “grassroots” movement which goes against the grain of the traditional medical model. We honor that all individuals are unique and perfect in their own way. We view every person that walks through our doors with clear eyes. In our space, you will not be judged regardless of look, the background you may have, or the labels put on you. Grassroots honors the ability to bring a unique and vibrant alternative to the Nashville community. Our practice is a group of open-minded, heart-centered people, who are dedicated to living life with their fullest potential.

What attracts parents to work with you?

Nicole: We really take our time here at Grassroots and understand that you need a listening ear, a compassionate and advocating doctor that will help you achieve the best version of yourself and your family.

Thank you so much to Dr. Nicole Barton and her team for sharing all about Grassroots Health & Wellness with us today! You can check out more on Grassroots Health & Wellness over on their Instagram page, too!