Meet Luxe and Whimsy – Gift Boxes for New Moms + Babies

I realized last night that I know at least four friends who are having babies at the beginning of 2020. So you know I’ll be looking for some baby gifts! I love to shop local for gifts, so scooping up a few of Luxe and Whimsy‘s baby and mama gift boxes is a must! Owner, Lindsey has beautiful pre-curated gifts and can also curate custom boxes to your fancy. Keep reading below to learn more about these beautiful gifting options!

Tell us about Luxe and Whimsy! How long have you been in business?

Lindsey: Luxe & Whimsy has been in business for about a year now. At Luxe and Whimsy we strive to elevate the gift giving experience by creating a well though out and beautifully designed gift for corporate clients, weddings and everyday occasions. We offer pre-made gift options that are available on our website or we can work with you to create a fully customizable gift that is perfectly tailored to your needs. From 1 gift to 10,000 gifts, we’ve got you covered.

What is the philosophy behind Luxe and Whimsy?

Lindsey:We believe that gift giving is a thoughtful and creative way to show gratitude and we love helping people to show their gratitude to other people in a unique and fun way!

What are your strengths compared to other gifting businesses?

Lindsey:We like to think our customer service sets us apart from others. We love what we do and we want that to show through in each customer’s experience. Also, our gift boxes are a beautiful well thought out display of creative, good quality artisan products.

What attracts parents to work with Luxe and Whimsy?

Lindsey:Parents are busy and as a mother other two young kids I understand the time constraints that we face as parents. Luxe & Whimsy can help take one thing of off that never ending to-do list by offering and creating gifts for new moms, birthdays, or employees and clients.

Thank you for sharing all about your business with us, Lindsey! We can’t wait to see more from Luxe and Whimsy!


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