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Meet My Dreamy Sleeper: Helping Families Get Better Sleep

Has your child gone through a sleep regression? Have you had sleepless nights due to the fact that your baby is awake at night? If so, help is on the way when you contact Jessica at My Dreamy Sleeper! Jessica has 7 years of sleep training experience and has worked with over 600 families to sleep train their children. So if a good night’s rest is something your family needs help with, keep reading below to learn more about Jessica and My Dreamy Sleeper!

Tell us about My Dreamy Sleeper! How long have you been in business?

Jessica: I have been working 1:1 helping parents and children sleep better for 7 years, but My Dreamy Sleeper was established in 2022. Although the business is new, I am not new to children and sleep.

What made you want to work with children?

Jessica: I have always wanted to work with children. When I was a little girl I would play “school” and teach my sisters whatever I could think of. Haha. I then went to college and received my bachelors degree in elementary education and was a teacher for 7 years before having children of my own. When the opportunity to shift into helping babies and children with sleep came along, I knew it was something I wanted to do. After all, as a teacher, behavior modifications in the classroom was always something I was implementing. Now, even though I work more closely with the parents (who then implement the strategies) it is so rewarding seeing the relief and joy they feel when their baby starts sleeping through the night and they do too.

What is the philosophy behind My Dreamy Sleeper?

Jessica: I help parents create dreamy sleepers. Once their baby or child is sleeping peacefully through the night, they too will start sleeping better. A child’s sleep is just as important as the adult’s so both should be priorities. When parents hire me, they will be supported on their journey to great sleep so there is no guesswork on their part, and they can walk away feeling more rested and confident in how to tackle sleep going forward.

What are your strengths compared to other sleep coaches?

Jessica: I offer 1:1 support meaning I am with parents from start to finish guiding, teaching, answering questions, and making modifications to the plan as needed until the baby or child is sleeping well. I am not a DIY business where families receive videos of me and they are expected to watch and figure out how to implement themselves. With that approach, there oftentimes are unanswered questions which leads to 4:00 am Googling, only to find so much contradicting information. It can be really confusing and overwhelming for new parents to go it on their own. The benefit to hiring me is I have worked 1:1 with over 600 families so I have seen just about everything there is to see in regards to sleep!

What attracts parents to work with you?

Jessica: I find my parents fall into two categories. Most families come to me because a friend or family member had such a great experience working with me, that they want that too! I love that! Then the other category is usually parents who have tried sleep training on their own or who have tried a DIY Program but have’t gotten the results they had hoped for. I hate that for them, because it usually means they have dealt with unnecessary tears and many sleepless nights. I do love that I get to help them across the finish line though, and they are attracted to the 1:1 support they receive throughout their process.

What are some cool new and innovative trends you’ve seen in your area of expertise?

Jessica: What I think is so cool is how educated parents are becoming on sleep! I love when a parent comes to me knowing about wake times and sleep pressure and circadian rhythms. It means they are making sleep a priority. There is a lot of free sleep tips and advice out there, my website and Instagram page included, so for parents that’s a big win.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about My Dreamy Sleeper?

Jessica: I love what I do, and I really care about the families I get to work with! I celebrate their wins and feel so happy for them when they finally start getting sleep. I love it when families come back for baby #2 or baby # 3 because they had such a great experience the first and second time around working with me. Last, I greatly appreciate when parents share their experience with other parents and send more sleep deprived parents my way. As a way to say thank you, I have a referral program where I send a gift card to parents for every family they send to me who completes the program. I appreciate the referral, and I hope they feel that.

Thanks so much to Jessica for sharing all about My Dreamy Sleeper with us today! If you’re in need of a sleep trainer, please reach out to her and tell her you saw this post on NashvilleBabyGuide.com! And be sure to follow My Dreamy Sleeper over on Instagram for some great sleep training tips!

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