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Looking to restore your well-being and optimize your health? Meet Soma Wellness Group! This team focuses on holistic wellness specializing in massage and Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT). Not only do they work with adults, but they also offer prenatal and kids massages too. Owner Kim is here to share more about Soma Wellness Group, breakdown exactly what their services do, and how they can help. Interested? Of course you are! Keep on scrolling.

Tell us about Soma Wellness Group! How long have you been in business?

Kim: Soma Wellness Group has been opened in Nashville since October 2018. We offer excellent Massage Therapy services, including Arvigo Maya Massage techniques to help couples with fertility or reproductive health issues, and our most popular is the Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) services that gently help flush out the toxins that our bodies are withholding making us feel fatigued. sick, and not ourselves. We see a lot of chronically ill, autoimmune or cancer clients, and even little kids who have chronic congestion or infections. This is a non invasive therapy and is so relaxing that clients often feel a difference within the first session of ELT therapy.

What made you want to work with parents and kids?

Kim: I love helping people address their pain, work out the tension in their bodies, and helping clients detox more efficiently so that their bodies can function more optimally and healthily. We all have pain in this life and addressing the pain can bring people to the other side of their health goals. I know helping a mom out with her shoulder pain will also help her function better in her family life at home so I’m affecting more than just one person in their Soma sessions.

What is the philosophy behind Soma Wellness Group?

Kim: Soma Wellness Services We want to see you holistically well. Our Massage, Electro Lymphatic Therapy, and Wellness Suite attend to the physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions of your person, promoting overall health. “Soma” is the Greek word for body. However, it means more than just the flesh and bone that gives physical shape to our person. Soma is the embodiment of our essence, of our person. The social and emotional dimensions of our lives are captured with the term Soma. Wellness is a holistic consideration. We want you to be well.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category?

Kim: All of our therapists at Soma are very kind and considerate of each client that we see. We consider how sickness, pain, and inflammation is affecting their “Soma”. We are the only place in Nashville to offer 4 Electro Lymphatic Therapy Therapists and we are excellent at it.

What attracts parents to work with you?

Kim: We love working with families, especially with their kids, and are trained to help parents feel at ease when they bring their families in to be treated. We realize ELT and Massage Therapy is an alternative therapy for people to benefit from and are happy to answer any questions that our clients have when it comes to bodywork and how the lymphatic system is the key to healthy living.

What are some cool new and innovative trends you’ve seen in your area of expertise?

Kim: ELT has been helpful with my client’s in ridding themselves of LYMES disease, mold exposure, and chronic infections. Also, our client’s homocysteine levels (inflammation) has dropped to a healthier state.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Soma Wellness Group?

Kim: Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) is a gentle, non-invasive technique to stimulate the proper flow and drainage of the lymphatic system. The Lymphatic System partners with our immune system to send healthy, oxygenated, and nutrient-filled cells to fight off any virus’ or inflammation found in the body. Most of our lymphatic system is sluggish due to aging, lack of exercise, lack of hydration, poor kidney and liver function, and poor diet. There are ways to increase our lymph flow and ELT is a gentle and relaxing way to detox.


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