Micah’s Newborn Session from Dolly DeLong Photography

A fresh new baby is just the cutest! And watching a newborn get introduced to their new home and parents is just the best. It’s such a sweet time to remember and having a newborn photographer there to capture it all is the best for keeping those memories alive. Dolly DeLong Photography is giving us a behind the scenes look at baby Micah’s newborn photos today. Plus, Micah’s mama Caroline gave us the inside scoop in her interview below!

Tell us all about Baby Micah!

Caroline: Micah is the sweetest and happiest baby I’ve ever met. He loves people and always wants to be part of the action.

How was your pregnancy?

Caroline: My pregnancy was very smooth. I was nauseous the first trimester but once I hit twelve weeks it was smooth sailing.

Tell us about Micah’s birth!

Caroline: The birth was long. I went into labor about 5 am on Friday afternoon and Micah was born at 2:44 pm the next day. I pushed for 3.5 hours. My sons head was in the 94th percentile. HA!

How have you been doing since Micah came into your life?

Caroline: I’ve honestly never been happier. He makes every day better. I love being a mom. It’s tough but worth it.

Did you have a vision for the newborn session?

Caroline: Not specifically. I just wanted to capture that moment in time. I wanted it to feel like us.

What was it like working with Dolly DeLong Photography?

Caroline: Working with Dolly was incredible. She was so sweet and patient. She made me feel confident even though I wasn’t feeling my best. She also was able to capture our family the way we truly are.

Thank you so much to Dolly DeLong Photography for sharing these beautiful newborn photos and to Caroline for sharing all about baby Micah!