Modern Boho Nursery from Brasspenny Photography

Earth tones, mid-century modern touches, and boho vibes came together in the design on this modern boho nursery. Mom, Rachel, owner of Brasspenny Photography, wanted to incorporate muted shades and natural details for her baby girl, Lennon and gosh is it beautiful! Get ready to be inspired by this simplistic, yet striking design!

Tell us all about your child’s room!

Rachel: When I found out we were expecting a baby girl, my heart AND creativity just about imploded – so many cute ideas, so many things i wanted to do! I didn’t know where to start. I initially wanted to make her room very bright and colorful with a sort of minimalist rainbow theme – lots of white and gold with little pops of colorful rainbows. I actually picked out the crib and dresser we ended up using during this time, and bought a cute little rainbow and sunshine crib mobile and little unicorn sheets. I was super excited to make it really girly. but then it just didn’t feel right and I felt myself gravitating toward a quieter, more grown up nursery with muted colors and natural elements. I know one day not too long from now her room will be entirely what she wants it to be, but for now its a quiet and peaceful little oasis in the house…you know – except for the crying baby part.

Is there a theme? What is the decor like?

Rachel: I’m not sure if it there was a specific theme, but my overall direction and mood was a nod towards mid-century modern boho. I wanted all the furniture to have clean lines. I wanted the colors to be mostly neutrals – whites, browns, with pops of blues / mauves / burnt oranges – mostly earth tones. And I wanted to pull in as much natural wooden items and decor as possible – like a rattan mirror, uva stalks next to the crib, replaced the silver metal dresser knobs with natural wooden knobs. All of it together made me feel like the room had a really calming effect.

Are there any specific items or pieces of furniture that were very thoughtful or meaningful to you?

Rachel: The wall art behind her crib was important to me. I shoot a lot of newborn photography and see so many cute nurseries – so i know what is popular, but also wanted something a little different. I ended up buying downloadable art from Etsy and printed the 11x14s on my own. One print is a very modern rainbow. The other is a lyric from a Beatles song that i love. we named our daughter Lennon, and I was a huge Beatles fan growing up and the line “in the sky with diamonds” always resonated for me. I had an Etsy seller turn that into a downloadable graphic and I think it pairs well next to the rainbow.

I’m not an interior designer by nature and my mind works best if i have a central piece to decorate around. The first item we bought for her room was the crib, and everything that followed was based around that. There were several cribs we loved but picked this one because the price point was a little kinder and it was gender neutral, so it could maybe be used again in the future.

Tell us about the moment you found out you were pregnant!

Rachel: “We should have bought a bigger house.” Haha! We bought our home last February and found out mid-March we were expecting. We had to shuffle things around a bit, but love the overall coziness of our home and her room specifically gave me great joy to put together.

How have you been feeling during your pregnancy?

Rachel: Pregnancy was great, of course came with exhaustion and sleep deprivation, but overall was very healthy and I stayed active with work throughout.

How beautiful! And such a peaceful aesthetic. Little Lennon is one lucky girl! Thanks so much to Brasspenny Photography for letting us take a peek into your home and sharing your inspiration! If you’re interested in more details about the nursery, visit Rachel’s original blog post HERE!

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