Porter’s Calming + Neutral Nursery in Nashville, TN

I was so happy to hear that my friend Ashley who is a wedding planner here in Nashville was pregnant with her first child! From following her on Instagram, the anticipation for this baby was high. And with her decorating experience, I just knew Porter’s room would look the absolute cutest! The neutral tones and adorable little decor details enhanced the look of the room and is such a welcoming atmosphere for her new little boy! Check out our interview with Ashley below!

Tell us all about Porter’s room!

Ashley: So much love and life will happen in this little room and we wanted it to be full of intentionality! We wanted a neutral and calming color palette that was inviting and warm. Keeping it simple is my design motto – so less is more in this nursery! I loved playing around with different black and white patterns and accenting them with neutrals. We wanted a nursery that would grow with our son and still be appropriate in 5 years for him!

Is there a theme? What is the decor like?

Ashley: No theme – just very neutral and warm 🙂

How did you feel during your baby shower?

Ashley: Oh man, it was SO much fun!!! I was so humbled by the people that surrounded Craig and I in this season. People loving on a little human they haven’t met yet is humbling!!! I tried to soak it all in and I am learning to receive in this season. All the kind words, prayers prayed and thoughtful gifts didn’t go unnoticed – it truly takes a village!

Tell us about the moment you found out you were pregnant!

Ashley: Shock!!! We didn’t believe it and took 4 more pregnancy tests. Finally, after learning that false positives are rare and 5 positive tests later, we believed it and were SO excited!!!! The first thing we did was go to Target to look at baby clothes! ha!

How have you been feeling during your pregnancy so far?

Ashley: Wonderful!! I feel so blessed to have had such an easy and beautiful experience being pregnant! There is SO much fear surrounding pregnancy and birth, and I feel like it is my mission now to be extra positive about my experiences, even if they are challenging at times. I feel SO full of life and everyday thank Jesus for allowing us to steward this child – it is a gift we do not take lightly. Feeling him move is my favorite part, and I just imagine what he will look like and how sweet his little personality will be.

How are you feeling about the birth?

Ashley: My word for our birthing experience is “surrender.” We have a beautiful plan that has been thought out and covered in wisdom, but now we just have to surrender and wait to see what our birthing story will unfold to be. I am so excited to experience all there is to experience with birth and we have been preparing our minds to be strong through lots of birthing classes and books. We are planning to deliver atBaby+Co in Nashville with their team of midwives and a doula. We are excited and are praying for a healthy baby no matter how he chooses to come earthside!

Ashley! Thank you so much for sharing sweet Porter’s nursery with us! It’s so adorable and we are so happy for you and Craig! You can check out Ashley’s planning company Evergreen Events HERE. 🙂

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