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Presley’s “Jawsome” Shark Birthday Party from Romance & Rust

Half way to double digits! Presley had a 5th birthday to remember! When Presley and her family took to the beach recently, she enjoyed it so much, she knew she wanted her next birthday to be shark themed. Being that your 5th birthday is already awesome, they decided to use the play on words and have a “jawsome” shark birthday party and instill help from Romance and Rust, that included blow up sharks balloons, a piñata, fun beach decor like netting, starfish, themed napkins and cookies. Let’s see how it all played out below!

How old is your child?

Kathy with Romance & Rust: She is my granddaughter and she is 5.

Tell us all about the planning for the birthday party!

Kathy with Romance & Rust: Presley was so excited about her birthday party! She has the funniest personality and loves animals, birds, dinosaurs, and sharks! So, the theme of the party was chosen, “Jawsome”! Shades of blue, teal and white became the color scheme. The dessert table was layered with fish netting, coral, starfish, and seashells and featured the most “Jawsome” cookies ever and cupcakes with glittery shark silhouettes. Guests enjoyed pizza (every shark’s favorite snack), shark bait (fish gummies) and shark teeth (bugles chips) served in a sand bucket with a pail scoop.

What was the theme for the birthday party? Did you choose it or did your child?

Kathy with Romance & Rust: The theme of the party was “Jawsome”! Presley chose the theme. Since her last trip to the beach, she has been fascinated with ocean life, especially sharks!

What was the cake flavor and what did your child do when you presented him/her with the cake?

From Sydney, Mom: Instead of a cake, we opted to have cupcakes for everyone, with Presley having her own cupcake with a number 5 candle. She loved it!

Were there any games or activities at the party?

Kathy with Romance & Rust: Since the weather was unseasonably warm the day of the party, they were able to play outside, which the kids loved! They took turns hitting the piñata until candy was laying all on the patio. They played in the “shark’s mouth” tunnel which was made by a family friend, as well as pin the shark teeth on the shark.

What are some fun memories you’ve had of your child at this age?

From Sydney: We enjoyed a family trip to the beach where we played in the surf during the day and walked the beach at night looking for crabs. She loved spending that time with her grandparents and cousins. She is such a good big sister and I have enjoyed watching her play with and take care of her little sister.

What are you looking forward to in this next year of their life?

From Sydney: Watching her develop more into her own person. She will begin kindergarten this year, which she is so excited about!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the birthday?

From Sydney: Presley loved sharing her special day with her family and her friends!

Presley, it looks like you had a great birthday party and we thank you for sharing it with us! Thank you to Romance and Rust for showing us how to utilize your fun decor pieces for a shark birthday party!

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