Shoreline Maternity Session from Emily Green Creative featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Shoreline Maternity Session from Emily Green Creative

Stylish, creative, and straight up beautiful Lianna and Chuck’s shoreline maternity session from Emily Green Creative is one to inspire! With rain in the forecast, Emily was able to capture the most amazing shots of the parents-to-be as they walked along the rocks, before the weather set in. Lianna even rocked heels at 32 weeks pregnant…you go mama! We can feel the joy and excitement through their faces and hope these images bring y’all some cheer too!

Tell us about you guys as a couple!

Lianna: We are adventurers at heart. I work in marketing for an amazing company based in Franklin, TN. Chuck is a pilot for a private charter company based out of BNA. We love to travel and explore new places. Our little girl is our biggest adventure yet.

What was the moment like when you found out you were pregnant?

Lianna: We were SO excited to find out we were expecting.

How did you announce you were pregnant to your family/friends?

Lianna: I found a vendor on Etsy that makes little messages inside empty quail eggs. You crack the egg to reveal the message. Ours said “We’re egg-specting. Baby Schroeder due Spring 2020.”

How has your family reacted to your pregnancy?

Lianna: Our family has been overjoyed.

How has your pregnancy been so far?

Lianna: I was so sick the first trimester. The old wives tales about sickness meaning a girl proved true for us. The second trimester I felt great and more like myself. I loved getting to feel those little kicks. The third trimester brought lots of heartburn and I was out of breath a lot. I was definitely ready to be done being pregnant, but she didn’t come until 41 weeks. It was all worth it!

How far along are you in the maternity photos?

Lianna: 32 weeks.

How did you come up with your concept/location for your photos?

Lianna: Emily Green was the mastermind behind concept and location.

What was it like during the shoot working with the Emily Green Creative?

Lianna: Emily was amazing to work with. We were trying to shoot quickly to beat the rain and she managed to capture some amazing shots in a short amount of time.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your maternity shoot?

Lianna: Emily has such a creative eye and made all my maternity photo dreams come true. I am so thankful to have found her.

Congratulations Lianna and Chuck! Huge thank you to you both for sharing your shoreline maternity session from Emily Green Creative!


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