Surprise Birth Announcement from Photography by Janae featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Surprise Birth Announcement from Photography by Janae

What they thought was going to be a Christmas card photo shoot turned into a surprise birth announcement for this precious family. Katelyn and Ecce couldn’t wait to share the excitement of their first child on the way with Katelyn’s parents so when Katelyn’s mom planned a photo shoot with their favorite photographer, Photography by Janae they knew there was no better time! See how it all played out along with the reactions of the family in these beautiful photos below!

Tell us about you guys as a couple/family!

Katelyn: My husband and I have been together since the beginning of my freshman year of college! He is a Navy pilot so getting to tell my parents in person was a huge blessing!! We currently are living in Pensacola, FL but I was born and raised in Nashville! My husband is from Texas! We have our two fur children Brover (the smaller one) and Frio (the big one) and they are so excited to be big brothers!!

What was the moment like when you found out you were pregnant?

Katelyn: Shocking! We had been trying, but did not expect it to happen that quickly! I literally just took the test on a whim! Didn’t have symptoms or anything just decided to take one and BAM!

How did you announce you were pregnant to your family/friends?

Katelyn: Funny story! We had a trip planned to see our college best friends soon after we found out so we wanted to tell them all in person! We were gonna wait till we were all together to tell everyone at once, but about an hour after we got there one of our friends made a “I’m pregnant” joke then everyone started saying oh yeah I’m pregnant too and I was just silent! Haha – my face said it ALL! Needless to say there was a lot of jumping up and down and hugging! Again being a military couple it’s hard for us to plan trips. So sadly we didn’t get to tell my in-laws in person. We FaceTimed them one night and had a bunch of baby items around us and that’s how we told them!

How has your family reacted to your pregnancy?

Katelyn: Both of our families have been so great!!! They are extremely excited!!! Their support and encouragement means everything to us!

How has your pregnancy been so far?

Katelyn: It’s been pretty easy til the third trimester! Haha I am so ready to be able to roll over or sit up without making sound effects!

How far along are you in the maternity photos?

Katelyn: We had just gotten the pregnancy confirmed at the doctors office! I was probably only about 5-6 weeks pregnant, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell my family in person!

How did you come up with your concept/location for your photos?

Katelyn: My husband and I wanted a fun way to tell my family about their first grandchild! My mom used to be a photographer and photos are her love language! Once my mom told me how she had set up a Christmas card shoot I knew that was the perfect time to surprise them!

What was it like during the shoot working with the photographer?

Katelyn: So amazing!!! We love Janae! She has been our photographer for years!! She even did our wedding! When I texted her about this idea to tell them during the photo shoot she was all in! She and her husband Will took care of all the planning and even got a video for us! It was actually really funny because Janae was very pregnant when she took these photos and my dad got really confused because he thought I was giving Janae a onesie for her baby!

Congratulations, Katelyn and Ecce! This surprise birth announcement is such a fun idea and the joy on everyone’s faces says it all! Thanks to this great couple and to Photography by Janae for sharing the memorable moment with us!


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