Tips for Traveling with Infant or Toddler

Taking the Leap and Traveling Internationally with an Infant or Toddler with 2 Travel Anywhere

Thinking of taking the leap and traveling internationally with an infant or toddler? That’s amazing! There’s a new level of stress that can come from traveling with little ones. However, with these tips from Kayla of 2 Travel Anywhere, you can feel confident in doing so! Keep on scrolling to see what she recommends and her biggest suggestions for a fun-filled getaway for all!

Reasons to Family Vacation at Beaches Turks from 2 Travel Anywhere featured on Nashville Bride Guide

What’s the first step to take after you decide you want to travel internationally with your children?

Kayla: Taking the leap and traveling with an infant and toddler is daunting. When I asked my husband what our primary step was when traveling with our Son, Jett, he said, “establish the confidence first and know that most people have been through it!” This I totally agree with, but technically to travel internationally with a child—the child must have a passport, even if they are one day old or one year old. My son got his passport at just a couple months old, and his passport is good until he is three years old, then we will have to apply for another one and update the picture. We were super intimidated about getting his passport picture, as well, but we went to Walgreens and they laid him on a white poster-board. I will have to say that his picture looks more like a mugshot, but it is still so incredibly cute. To apply for a passport for anyone under 16, check out this link here.

Where are some great locations that are kid-friendly to travel to internationally?

Kayla: We have traveled several times with our infant, Jett (hints the name), and we also have another little boy on the way. The best options when traveling internationally, especially when it is one of the first trips, are destinations with shorter flights—The Caribbean! The Caribbean has such wonderful options, especially Beaches Resorts! It is so incredibly kid friendly because they are all-inclusive and they have the Sesame Street characters on property! The properties also have waterparks, kid’s camps, free childcare and so much more! Right now, those are located in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos.

Reasons to Family Vacation at Beaches Turks from 2 Travel Anywhere featured on Nashville Bride Guide

What tips do you have for traveling on a long flight with children?

Kayla: The list could go on and on for tips that I have when traveling with a baby, but I have decided to give you my top five tips when traveling with an infant or toddler on a long flight! 1. Upgrade your seats and strategically pick your flight times (if you can!). We have only flown with our one year old as a lap infant, and to do it in basic seats is kind of a nightmare. (He is very tall for his age!) Also, the times are really important because if you can try to time out naps/sleeping/etc. 2. Get to the airport early because you can’t check in online with a lap infant! This is really important because you also need extra time to get through security with a baby! If they are in a stroller, the child usually has to get out, but if they are in a carrier attached to you; the security is usually really good about letting the baby remain in the carrier. 3. Pack plenty of milk, snacks and toys from home! I personally love the fidget spinners that attach to the plane windows. Also, if you are breastfeeding, it is so nice when traveling on a plane because it is a little more convenient than a bottle; but we have done it all (breastmilk, formula and whole milk!) The major tip is to just make sure you have enough. 4. Take a change of clothes for you and baby! This is really important because so many things can happen, and it is so good to have a spare set of clothes in case of a blow out, milk spill or anything else! 5. Accept help if you need it! I am very lucky that I mostly travel with my husband who is our resident pack mule! (LOL) But, I have traveled with our baby by myself before and it was hard because I had to carry so many things, in addition to him. When people offer to help…just say YES!

What are some resort features to look for when traveling internationally with children?

Kayla: Some resort features to look for while traveling internationally with children are: 1. Special amenities like baby food, bottle warmer on request, complimentary cribs, etc. So many resorts that are family friendly offer these amazing features that just make life so much easier. 2. Child care! This is a BIG one! Beaches Resorts especially does a complimentary kid’s camp that is 9am to 9pm. All of the care givers are INA (International Nanny Association) and Autism certified, which is such a plus. There is also an option to pay to have daily Nannies just for your children, or even overnight Nannies. 3. Special events for kids! For instance, the Beaches Resorts have parades, cookies with Cookie Monster, breakfast with the characters, dance parties with Elmo, free train rides and more! This is a wonderful option for kids to have plenty to do. 4. Plenty of dining options! For instance, the Beaches property in Turks has over 22+ dining options. One of our favorites is the mac-and-cheese truck and our little one LOVED it! Our child eats almost everything we put in front of him, but some parents have pickier children, and having a lot of restaurant options is so convenient. 5. Safety! This is the most important one. Beaches Resorts has security in every section of the resort and there are cameras in every section of the resort, except for in the private guest rooms. Safety is our top property with our baby, and I am sure that is the same for most/all parents.

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Any suggestions on how parents can sneak away for a date or alone time while traveling with children?

Kayla: Oh, absolutely! When traveling, utilize that complimentary child care or pay a little extra to have that private nanny! An hour or so alone goes a LONG way in a marriage, and when you can dine at a 5-star restaurant all-inclusive, while knowing your child is safe—it is a DREAM.

Do you have any other tips for traveling internationally with children?

Kayla: Depending on the destination, the child may have to have a certain immunization or Visa to visit the country. Always make sure you check the passport and make sure it is within travel requirements, even for kids! But the biggest tip I can offer is to have patience with your child, with yourself and with others. Some people do not have children and don’t understand the struggle, so do not hold it against them, and just give yourself some grace in difficult situations.

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These are awesome! Huge thanks to Kayla of 2 Travel Anywhere for sharing these tips on taking the leap and traveling internationally with an infant or toddler!


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