Soft and Sweet Newborn Session with Evie Lynn Photography

The Art of Newborn Photography with Evie Lynn Photography

Evie Lynn Photography Nashville Newborn Photographer

The arrival of a newborn is a life-altering experience filled with joy, wonder, and immeasurable love. As a new parent, you’ll want to preserve these precious moments forever, and that’s where a skilled newborn photographer like Evie Lynn Photography comes into the picture. Keep on reading as we explore the art of newborn photography and why Evie Lynn Photography is the ideal choice to capture these beautiful memories.

Evie Lynn Photography Nashville Newborn Photographer

Tell us about Evie Lynn Photography! How long have you been in business?

Evie: I’ve been in business since mid 2013. So almost 8 years now. Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long!. I absolutely love that I get to do something I love for my job. It doesn’t feel like “work” to me. Well, maybe the editing and business side of things but that just comes with owning my own business. When I have a camera in my hand and I’m shooting, everything else in life just fades away and I am always 100% committed to my clients in that moment. I truly feel that I am doing what I should be doing in this life. I find it such a blessing in so many ways.

What made you want to work with parents/families/kids/babies?

Evie: I’ve just always been drawn to the babies!!! I think it probably had something to do with struggling with infertility for so many years too. (17 years) When I first started photography, I did a little bit of everything. Then after a year or so, I had done a few newborn sessions but always found them the hardest but most rewarding. I decided to narrow my focus to newborns and did some in person mentoring and as many online classes I could find. I’m so glad I did!! I love it so much! Having been doing newborns for almost 6 years now, I still love it and find it the most rewarding!

What is the philosophy behind Evie Lynn Photography?

Evie: Babies and little ones just don’t keep! Its so true! And those first weeks of having a newborn go by so quickly and it can be hard to soak it all up when your totally sleep deprived and adjusting to a major life event of adding a family member! I get it! I would just love to play a small part for you in those first few weeks and to capture your little one as they are in the very beginning. It’s the closest way I’ve come to trying to keep them that little forever. To remember every little detail.

What attracts parents to work with you?

Evie: I’ve had many parents say they chose to hire me because in my images, the babies just looked more relaxed, comfortable and peaceful. This means so much to me because I do take my time when posing babies to make sure those little fingers are flat and their little cheeks are not squished. (along with keeping them safe and comfortable) I strive for this because it really does make a difference in the images and if parents can see that then its definitely an area where my perfectionism serves me well. haha

Don’t miss this chance to create a stunning collection of memories that will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face, even as your baby grows. Evie Lynn Photography is here to make those magical moments last forever.

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