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The Best Products to Get Your Kids Ready for School in the Morning

Getting your kids ready for school and out the door in the mornings is not the easiest task! Keeping them on time and in order is a challenge for sure. I’ve added some great products to our morning hacks to keep the process going. From breakfast, to brushing teeth, to packing their bags, and walking or driving to school, these products have been so helpful! So without further ado, here are the best products to get your kids ready for school in the morning!

ezpz Silicone Dishware at the Breakfast Table Before School in the Morning

Keeping breakfast healthy, simple and easy is key when getting your kids ready for school. Using products like the ezpz tiny cup and mini mat are perfect for morning breakfast! Everything stays in place and it’s a one and done cleanup job! Check out their deal below!

Sock it to Me Socks to Make Getting Dressed Fun

Getting your kids dressed in the morning can be a challenge. Each of my kids definitely has an opinion on what they want to wear to school in the morning. But every time I pull out their fun socks from Sock It To Me, they are all in on getting dressed! Get 20% off of your first order below!

Colgate HUM Smart Toothbrush for Squeaky Clean Teeth

HUM toothbrush to get ready for school in the morning

Trying to get my kids to open their mouth and brush their teeth is not the easiest, but once I busted out their new HUM toothbrushes and game from Colgate, they were amazed! Each toothbrush hooks up to an app where it makes brushing your teeth into a game. HUM challenges your kids to brush away the cavity monsters and brush every tooth in your mouth! This is a must for your kids who hate brushing!

Felix Gray Blue Light Glasses for Screen Time

I’ve been looking for blue light glasses for my daughter for a long time, and I finally came across Felix Gray! They have some oh-so-cute styles for your littles for screen time. Plus, learning remotely or on a tablet all day can be rough on the eyes, so blocking out that blue light with Felix Gray has been a game changer!

Totes Rain Boots & Umbrellas for Stormy Walks to School in the Morning

As a walker to school, we are constantly checking the weather! Yes, we walk even on rainy days, so having these Totes boots and umbrellas in our arsenal at home is so helpful! If your kids are like mine and they can’t pass up a puddle without jumping in it, these durable boots and umbrellas will come in super handy! Check out their deal to get 30% off of everything!

Lovevery Educational Toys to Keep Kids Occupied on the Car Ride

Driving this little guy to school is fun, but when the music isn’t cutting it for entertainment anymore, he needs something to play with. We got our Lovevery box for 3 year olds and they had the perfect toys for this guys! From the stacking boulders to the camper van (a family favorite), a puzzle, a book and more, it kept my kids entertained for a long time! Usually my kids play with a toy for a few minutes and then it never interests them again. These Lovevery toys are educational and they pick them up to play with over and over again!

Thanks to all of these brands for allowing us to test out their products! My kids really truly do love each and every one! And they really are the best products to get your kids ready for school in the morning! I hope this helps you each morning you’re trying to get out the door on time!


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