Alex is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Lactation Consultant specializing in fertility, prenatal, and postpartum nutrition. She helps mamas (and dads!) nourish their bodies before, during, and after pregnancy so they can conceive, grow a healthy baby, and recover faster postpartum without feeling overwhelmed.

If you are struggling to conceive because of hormone issues; poor egg, sperm, or uterine health; or just looking to nourish your body better so your baby has the best start in life, Alex is the dietitian for you! Did you know, it take 3 months for egg and sperm to mature? What you do 3-6 months prior to conception can have a direct effect on your little one, so take action today.

If you are pregnant, you may be struggling with nutrient deficiencies, gestational diabetes, or rapid weight gain. As a dietitian, Alex is uniquely qualified to practice Medical Nutrition Therapy to help you mange and treat these conditions with nutrition.  You may even be perfectly healthy but what to make sure you are doing everything right and not worrying about second guessing yourself. Either way, Alex is the dietitian for you!

If you are postpartum, you may be struggling with chronic fatigue, inability to lose weight, or trying to catch up on the nutrient stores you lost during pregnancy. If that sounds like you, Alex is the dietitian for you!

Alex Gardner Nutrition is home to the (trademark pending) Mommy and Me Nutrition Care Program! And because each woman is unique she can custom tailor plans to help your unique needs.

Services provided can include the following:

  • DUTCH hormone testing for women with PCOS, infertility, or off balanced hormones postpartum
  • MRT food sensitivity testing for women experiencing infertility, chronic inflammation, or gastrointestinal issues
  • Deep dive nutrition assessment and plan focusing on your specific needs
  • Group sessions for check ins and accountability
  • Supplement review and recommendation
  • Meal plans that include shopping lists and recipes
  • Video education courses

Alex sees all clients via telehealth for the convenience of the mamas she works with. Ask about insurance coverage on your nutrition clarity call. Find out more at www.alexgardnernutrition.com

Interested in scheduling a free 15 minute nutrition clarity call? Book here! go.alexgardnernutrition.com/nutrition-clarity 

***Mention Nashville Baby Guide for a FREE 30 minute solutions session via zoom***

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