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Our clinic is a family centered, baby and mama focused practice.  We provide brain centered functional neurology approach with gentle chiropractic, cranial adjusting and dural/fascial work. We also strive to help with decreasing toxic load, diet and supplementation of nutrients.

Before opening  Southern Mama’s Chiropractic in 2022 in downtown Murfreesboro, owner Dr. Cecelia was living and operating a thriving pregnancy and pediatric practice in SW Washington state. This afforded her the opportunity to work with leading experts in tongue tie revision, OBs, pediatric OTs/PTs, Pediatric Orthopedists, nurses, numerous birth providers, shared space with midwives and attended numerous births as a chiropractor.

Dr. Cecelia has almost a decade of experience as a Pediatric and Pregnancy chiropractor and Webster certified. In Early 2023 she will sit for her exam to become one of only 3 chiropractors in middle Tennessee/greater Nashville to receive Certification by the Academy Council of Chiropractic Pediatrics (CACCP) through the ICPA.  She has specific training in cranial adjusting and craniosacral therapy, as well as over 600 plus hours of training through the ICPA, Upledger Institute, and various pediatric instructors, most notably Dr. Martin Rosen, DC Craniopath and his Peak Potential Institute. Dr. Cecelia is grateful to have been able to serve thousands of adjustments to babies and mama’s over the years. Many with a variety of issues from headache, pubic symphysis pain in pregnancy, to latching issues with baby, to plagiocephaly in growing infant.  Due to her extensive knowledge and years of training and studying, the main conditions she sees are latching issues, tongue tie pre and post frenectomy, colic, gas/constipation, torticollis, any and all birth trauma and plagiocephaly.  Her training also includes other birth related modalities including spinning babies for pregnant mothers.

As a homebirth mother of two and supporter of the bodies innate healing capabilities, Dr. Cecelia is very passionate about caring for mothers because she believes that special time deserves specialized care. There is a pressing need for mothers to have more support during pregnancy and postpartum, as well as children to have more health options than what a pill can offer them and she hopes that Southern Mama’s Chiropractic can be just that for middle Tennessee families.

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Meet Southern Mama's Chiropractic Nashville Pregnancy and Pediatric Care
Dr. Cecelia Mikles, DC



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