Warm Toned Gender Reveal from Southern Roots Photos

Celebrating their family of three becoming a family a four, Brittany and her boys popped confetti and posed amongst pink pampas grass for a warm toned gender reveal photo session for her… baby girl!! As a photography herself, she knew having photos of this moment were special. So she turned to her friends at Zion Creative Films and Thistle and Lace Florals for an unforgettable experience. Keep scrolling to see all the sweetness!

Tell us all about your gender reveal party/shoot!

Brittany: My good friend Brenna Reppert and I had chatted about wanting to do something fun for baby number 2’s gender reveal! Brenna has been a friend of ours for many years, she has celebrated with us and “flowered” us for everything from our wedding day to anniversary and maternity photos. She is beyond amazing and I would recommend her to anyone! we went to Brenna’s home for our gender reveal and she had made the most beautiful pink pampas grass arrangement for us! It was beyond perfect! Zach Winkle with Zion Creative Films has also been a friend of ours since my husband was in middle school. They have grown up playing sports together, been college roommates, and even one another’s best men; this made it even more special to have him capture this for us! He did an amazing job of capturing everything for us and we will treasure not only the photos and the memory but the experience with these great friends as well! Our sweet little guy and our fur baby were a little taken aback by the loud confetti poppers- giving an even more fun reaction to our photos. We cannot wait to add more love to our little family!

What made you decide to do a gender reveal?

Brittany: Being a photographer myself, I love having photos of all things to share with others and capture special memories. When we found out about baby number 2 it just seemed like the perfect way to share our exciting news.

How did you decide the method in which you would do the gender reveal?

Brittany: As a photographer myself I am always brainstorming new, fun, and unique ways to shoot things and style things. With the help of our good friend Brenna Reppert, we came up with this fun idea and I absolutely love the way it turned out!

Did you have any inkling of what the gender would be before it was revealed?

Brittany: My husband and I found out at the ultrasound. We did the photoshoot as way to share our news with friends and family. I had a feeling this one was a girl given how different I have felt this pregnancy compared to my first, but my husband was very shocked (despite me continuously telling him I thought it was a girl) he was convinced it was another boy.

How do you feel about the result?

Brittany: LOVEEE!! Is all I can say! It turned out so so perfect!

How did your friends and family react?

Brittany: Everyone was so surprised and excited! We cannot wait for little sister arrive!

Tell us about the decor!

Brittany: Brenna did an amazing job bringing my pampas grass vision to life! I could not be more grateful!

How has your pregnancy been so far?

Brittany: A little more rough and exhausting than my first, but all in all I am so blessed to have had great pregnancies!

How darling!! Congratulations Brittany! And a huge thank you for sharing your warm toned gender reveal photo session with us!

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