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What a Typical Visit is Like for a Child at Grassroots Health & Wellness

Interested in chiropractic for your kids, but not sure what to expect? Grassroots Health & Wellness is here to tell us what a typical visit is like! Maggie is telling all including how to prepare for your appointment, what the first visit will entail, and how the experience differs from a baby and child to a pregnant mom. Keep on scrolling to find out more!

Where is Grassroots Health & Wellness located?

Maggie: 1215 Lakeview Drive, Franklin, TN 37067

Is there anything patients should do before they arrive at their appointment to prepare?

Maggie: Make sure all proper paperwork is completed prior to coming.

Should patience arrive a certain amount of time before their appointment to prepare?

Maggie: We don’t ask that patients be early to their appointments, but we do ask all patients be respectful of our doctor’s time and make us aware if running late.

What is a typical appointment like for a baby?

Maggie: For a first time visit for a baby we tell our patients to expect to go over oral history. After that our doctors will preform a gentle and effective adjustment, using safe adjustments that mimic how one would check the ripeness of a peach or tomato. And of course tons of giggles and cuddles in between every step, our little ones truly love their chiro massages!

What is a typical appointment like for a child?

Maggie: For a first time visit for a child we tell our patients to expect to go over oral history. Then our docs will begin the adjustment making sure to go over a detailed explanation of every step beforehand, using gentle/effective tools if necessary. We like to educate our littles and make them more aware of their spine and how it works. We encourage our kiddos to play and have fun during their appointment to make them feel comfortable and at ease.

What is a typical appointment like for a pregnant mom?

Maggie: For a first time visit for an expecting mama we tell our patients to expect to go over a thorough oral history. From there our docs will perform adjustments to keep baby in optimal position, while ensure mom is comfortable throughout the pregnancy. We like to supply the proper support for our mamas to help them feel heard and empowered while carrying their little one.

How often should patients visit Grassroots Health & Wellness?

Maggie: It is a case by case basis. We supply very customized care.

Are there specific practices or procedures that patients will need to schedule in advance or allow more time for?

Maggie: We require all appointments to be scheduled over the phone with our receptionist.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention about a typical visit to Grassroots Health & Wellness?

Maggie: Grassroots is all about custom care tailored to you! We supply individualized care based on YOU. All of our patients should feel not only cared for but educated on their body, and in control of their journey.

We appreciate Maggie sharing all this information with us. Be sure to check out Grassroots Health & Wellness for your family chiropractor needs!


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