Birthday Box from Piece of Mind Events

What’s in a Birthday Box from Piece of Mind Events?

Having a hard time deciding on a theme for your child’s upcoming birthday? Or maybe you just don’t have the time to sit down, plan, and purchase all the items you need. If either of these scenarios sound familiar, then you’re going to LOVE the birthday box from Piece of Mind Events! What’s in a birthday box you ask? Sharde is here to tell you all about this creative idea! She takes pride in saving you time all while giving your little ones the birthday of their dreams. A win-win! Keep on reading to find out more.

Birthday Box from Piece of Mind Events

We love the birthday boxes from Piece of Mind Events! Can you give us a list of what comes in each birthday box?

Sharde: EVERY BASH BOX CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING: *1 set of party favor bags or boxes *1 bag of cutouts for table scatter *1 cake topper or a set of cupcake toppers *1 set of napkins *1 set of forks, spoons, knives *1 set of paper cups *1 tablecloth *1 set of dessert plates *1 set of 12 balloons or 1 set of 6 lanterns *1 custom shirt or onesie for the birthday girl or boy *1 set of paper straws * 1 digital invitation for printing or sharing

Why do you choose these specific items to include in the birthday boxes?

Sharde: These are little things but can really be the essential items of a birthday party. While a parent can easily go out and get the theme of their choice, I try to make as many custom items as possible. So, the decor will have their name on it. I believe that every part of a party should be unique to that child so I make sure to have those items. Including a custom t-shirt is another way I do that.

Birthday Box from Piece of Mind Events
Birthday Box from Piece of Mind Events

How can these items help families plan their child’s birthday party?

Sharde: Most parents spend hours scrolling, driving, creating, etc for their child’s birthday party. My mission is to save parents the time of searching for these things and allow them to use their time on other things. If a parent purchases a box from me, the goal is that they won’t have to purchase a single additional item. I want to be a one stop shop for parents because we are just so busy. If I can save a parent five minutes, I am determined to do it because I know how valuable time is. We have so much to do each day. Also, I believe that sometimes party planning can be overwhelming and can really drain the life out of a celebration. So most parents dread birthday parties and they miss out on spending time with their child. It should be a time of memory making and celebrating another year of life for your little one.

Are there any add ons you provide with a birthday box order?

Sharde: Absolutely! While I typically only get a custom shirt for the birthday child, the entire family can have shirts made too! I have partnered with a local bakery that can do your cake and cupcakes too. I am working on partnering with a balloon company for fun, helium balloons. We can add on party favors as we already provide the bags for them. Let’s not forget that we do delivery right to your door so you don’t have to pick up anything. The whole goal is convenience for the parents and I try to cover that in every way.

Birthday Box from Piece of Mind Events

Tell us more about the customizations Piece of Mind Events offers in each birthday box!

Sharde: Customization is so special to me. It really makes your child feel special and stand out on their big day. What I love about the custom items like the shirts or banners is that they last beyond the birthday. I have clients who keep the banners for their rooms or wear the shirt for the entire year while they are that age. That uniqueness is something you just can’t buy at a place like Party City. When I was a child, I planned my own parties well in advance. I am a summer baby so they usually always ended up at a pool. Back then, there weren’t many custom item options that my mom knew of. However, she did make each one special for me by using my favorite colors, etc. My memories of my parties is what inspired me to go all out with the personalization. I also love to be creative so no theme is off limits. Once I get to know your child, I like to try new things. This year, I did a movie style digital invitation and it was a huge hit. Parties can be activity based as well if you want to add some learning in there discretely! I believe that you can have fun and learn too.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about Piece of Mind Events’ Birthday Boxes?

Sharde: We offer free delivery within 50 miles of Nashville. Also, we can ship them anywhere all over the U.S. so it isn’t just a local thing. I want my parents to feel stress free as their kid’s birthday approaches. I am a mom of four kids and I know the struggle is real. I’d love to be creative and make your little one feel special.

Birthday Box from Piece of Mind Events

This is such a great idea and as someone who has used this service first hand, it really is a time saver! If you’d like to purchase a birthday box from Piece of Mind Events be sure to reach out to Sharde for more information.


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