Adler’s Rock ‘n Roll 3rd Birthday Party

Wow this year has been a whirlwind so far! And I can’t believe I am just NOW getting a chance to blog about Adler’s rock ‘n roll birthday party that we hosted back in February! The theme? Rock ‘n Roll! With the help of Sharde of Piece of Mind Events, we pulled off a fun black, white and gold themed day with just close family. Check out our pics below!

About the decor:

Sharde with Piece of Mind Events created a custom birthday decor box for Adler’s 3rd birthday. Complete with banners, balloons, paper products, a cake topper, adorable cutout guitars and glasses, and a personalized t-shirt for Adler to wear, the bash was set to be a hit!

In addition to the decor from the birthday box, we bought a 3 balloon cluster from Rock Paper Scissors in Franklin.

About the cake and cookies:

Not only did Sharde create the birthday box for Adler, but her team delivered it to my house along with a cake she ordered for him from Homestyle Bakery to go along with the rock ‘n roll theme.

The custom rock ‘n roll cookies were created by Katelin Hayes Desserts. It was amazing working with Katelin as she brought my vision to life with the cookies! The cookies not only looked cute, but tasted delicious! Her team delivered them straight to my door as well!

About Adler’s Day:

We saw so many changes with Adler as he turned 3. He definitely had more awareness of his opinions and exercised that a lot! He also became more talkative and able to communicate what he wants. We chose the rock ‘n roll theme because the symbol was something he had been practicing for a while on his hands. He would work so hard to get his pointer, pinkie and thumb just right!

He smiled and did a great job of blowing out his candles. For a while he was looking forward to getting a big boy skateboard with a tiger on it. He was thrilled to finally see his big gift in person! He went outside and tried it out as soon as he opened it.

We were so glad my in laws and my dad were in town to celebrate the day. We had to celebrate at my brother in law and sister in law’s house since our house was going through renovations. It was fun to experience the day with close family and celebrate this little guy!

rock 'n roll birthday party

Yay! Thank you so much to Piece of Mind Events and the rest of the local businesses that helped make Adler’s birthday special! Check out more over in our directory!

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