New Home Family Session by Five Pence Photography

New Home Family Session with Five Pence Photography

After losing everything in a house fire, Alyssa and Nick built a new house giving them a much deserved fresh start. Thanks to a friend of theirs who reached out to Bethany of Five Pence Photography, they were able to document the exciting time of entering their new space with their two kiddos. While each room was still bare, love filled every inch and corner — making it our favorite part about their new home family session. This post is the perfect celebration of life, love, and happiness! We hope you enjoy it!

Tell us all about the family!

Bethany: Nick and Alyssa are a sweet couple from New Mexico with two kids, Noah and Avery.

Why did they decide to do the shoot now?

Bethany: They had a destructive house fire that took everything but their lives and their pets. They had a new house built which created a new slate for them to start over. One of their sweet friends reached out to me to photograph the day they took the keys to their new life.

What was the concept for your shoot? What was your vision?

Bethany: I wanted to show the love this family has and the resilience it took to go through that. They were and are very excited about the life they get to live in their new home. I wanted to show the kids’ excitement for their rooms and love of the master bath, dancing in the kitchen, the classic portrait on the stairs to document how small they were when they moved in. They are a very loving family and that was what I really wanted to show.

How did the kids react during the photo shoot?

Bethany: Shy at first! That’s ok – it’s expected. I really don’t want to push it. When they warm up, kids will give genuine smiles! We started off with some kitchen dancing so they could be really close to their parents first and relax. They really got excited when it was time to show their rooms, and we let them run like mad in the bonus room upstairs!

Were there any challenges along the way?

Bethany: Not having ANY furniture to sit on was a challenge but so fun and that alone is the story!! We used the counters, used the bathtub, and just gathered together on the floor and let it flow.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your photo session?

Bethany: Wouldn’t it be great if we all had sessions of our house when it was empty to document not only the growth of the kids and family, but really tell the story of the house as it held us together all those years!

Special thanks to Bethany of Five Pence Photography for sharing this new home family session with us! And to this amazing family — may you cherish all the memories that will be made in your new home!


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