All About The Little Art House Foundation

We are so excited for the team at the Little Art House as they have recently launched a non-profit Little Art House Foundation. Sisters and founders Emma and Leighton have hopes of growing a community with meaningful artistic experiences for all ages. They’ve seen a need for areas to have access to art and built the Little Art House Foundation as a means to help! Keep on ready to find out more about this new endeavor and how you can help!

We hear you started a foundation! Tell us all about the Little Art House Foundation!

Emma and Leighton: While Little Art House has grown, we have seen an ongoing need for access to the arts anywhere from local community centers to public schools to nursing homes and beyond. Some organizations need supplies and teachers while others just need an extra set of hands. Our mission is to create accessible, personalized, and meaningful artistic experiences for local non-profits, schools, and community organizations in need. As former MNPS art teachers, we know educators and community directors are required to wear many hats. While there are many local organizations offering amazing opportunities and resources, the time it takes to apply is overwhelming. The Little Art House Foundation simplifies the application process and creates opportunities that are individualized for your needs.

Who does the Little Art House Foundation benefit?

Emma and Leighton: We are here to support MNPS Art Teachers as well as local non-profits looking to provide creative outlets to their organization.

How does Little Art House Foundation help those in art education?

Emma and Leighton: We have a number of services for MNPS art teachers. We can provide a consultant for advanced students, including AP & IB art. We can connect art teachers with hands-on volunteers to help organize materials, clean the art room specifically as well as help to put up art shows! We also are working to have supplies available to borrow that are not easy to purchase or maintain for a full school year such as prisma colored pencils & watercolors and the paper/tools to go along with them. For non-profits, we work to provide services that cater to their specific needs at little or no cost. We can create regularly occurring classes or art making for an event. Currently our free docket is full but we do have a little more availability for classes still at a lower cost where any proceeds would directly benefit our endeavors to support our community and art teachers.

What needs does Little Art House Foundation have?

Emma and Leighton: At this time, financial support is the most helpful as we work to get the programs off the ground! This could be through direct donation or if you have an organization that would like on the go art making, we can provide that and the proceeds would go to continuing our endeavors. If someone would like to sponsor or host a fundraising event, that would be incredibly helpful as well! Volunteers are always welcomed as we continue to gather people so we’re ready to connect them with teachers when needed later this school year.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Little Art House Foundation?

Emma and Leighton: Little Art House Foundation is our next step to continue providing art making for all. While we offer as much as we can through the classes & camps in our studio, we hope to continue growing art making opportunities in the community and also to support art teachers in real time by listening to what they want, need and new ways we can help.

Emma and Leighton, there’s no doubt you’re going to positively impact communities with your passion and mission for the Little Art House Foundation!

If you’re interested in volunteering or donating, click here!

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