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Andi’s “Little Fighter” 1st Birthday Party

Hitting the blog and punching us with inspiration (pun intended!) is Andi’s “little fighter” first birthday party! Mom, Nikki Burdine of News Channel 2, came up with the theme after being inspired by Andi putting up a strong fight since her early arrival. The decor and guest list were kept small and intimate, with a glowing light up letters and pretty pink details being the focal point and guests joining the celebration virtually amid the pandemic. Enjoy scrolling through the beautiful day in these photos by Chelsea Rochelle Photography!

How old is your child?

Nikki: 15 months

Tell us all about the planning for the birthday party!

Nikki: We were still in the pandemic at this point, so I knew my original plans for a big party were not going to happen. Honestly, the planning was pretty minimal. I set up a Zoom call people join, including one set of grandparents who couldn’t make it. We only had 4 people attend, so the party was very intimate! I didn’t want to go crazy with decor for a 1-year-old, so we kept it pretty simple: I got 2 jumbo balloons from Harlan Ruby with her name on them and attached them to her high chair. Since it was a beautiful day, we spent most of the day outside in the back yard. I found an awesome local vendor, Alpha Lit Nashville, who brings giant light-up letters and numbers for parties. Alpha Lit set up ANDI in the backyard so we could take pictures with her name in lights. It was perfect and she looked so cute in front of the giant letters!

What was the theme for the birthday party? Did you choose it or did your child?

Nikki: The theme was “Little Fighter,” because Andi is most certainly a fighter! Andi was born at 28 weeks and weighed 1.4 lbs, so she had to be tough from the start. She stayed in the NICU for 71 days, and while we celebrate everyday with her, her first birthday was extra special! Even though we were still in the middle of a pandemic, we wanted to do something extra special for her. I found the cutest personalized pink satin robe, pink boxer shorts and boxing gloves on Etsy and she was the cutest little fighter!

Did you do a cake smash? What was the cake flavor and what did your child do when you presented him/her with the cake?

Nikki: I got REAL FANCY with the cake – let me tell you… Betty Crocker, straight from the box! I kept it simple, because I knew Andi wouldn’t really eat the cake. Instead of icing, I mixed pink food coloring with whipped cream and put it on top. When I put the cake in front of Andi, she just kind of looked at it at first. She played with it a little bit and then of course put it all over her face.

Were there any games or activities at the party?

Nikki: The activities consisted of lots of pictures in the back yard, a zoom call for the smash cake & happy birthday singing followed by opening lots of presents. By the time all that was done, it was her nap time and she was worn out.

What are some fun memories you’ve had of your child at this age?

Nikki: Every day I am amazed and so proud of my daughter. She is such a miracle and the strongest person I know. Seeing her reach milestones and even do little things never ceases to amaze me, I think about her time in the NICU and how I couldn’t wait for her to come home from the hospital, to experience these little moments. I am so grateful my little fighter and I am constantly amazed by her. She is full of personality and is the spitting image of her dad. She loves her fur-siblings, and all animals for that matter. She is stubborn, rambunctious and sweet all at the same. She is tiny, but mighty…and really, really beautiful.

This is adorable! Happy belated birthday, Andi! Huge thanks to Nikki and to Chelsea Rochelle Photography for sharing these “little fighter” first birthday party with us!


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