Little Firefighter Shoot by Art Inspired Images

Little Firefighter Shoot by Art Inspired Images

Today’s feature is all for a tiny hero! After having his cranial helmet professionally painted, mom Rayn couldn’t resist capturing little Jeremiah’s strength and charm in this little firefighter shoot by Art Inspired Images. He smiled and posed with so much charm and cuteness at Nameless Volunteer Fire Department as his mom snapped some shots behind the lens; leaving us with these photos that are sure to warm your heart! Keep scrolling to see his personality shine below!

Tell us all about your baby and what milestone they hit!

Rayn: Jeremiah is a miracle baby. Every milestone he hits has been miraculous, without breaking some confidentiality I can say that when we got the call to adopt him, we didn’t know what his life might hold. But from the moment, we got the first call we never hesitated we never wavered in our decision. So this milestone was to celebrate him getting his AWESOME HELMET.

Why did you decide to do a photo session now?

Rayn: So often when a family is told that their child will have to have a cranial helmet, the news is devastating. For us, that was NO different. I cried…a lot. I was heartbroken and felt that I somehow failed my son. BUT then we decided that we are going to turn this necessary medical device that would erase the pain of his past, into an awesome piece of art that could show the world that cranial helmets are COOL. We enlisted the help of a world renowned helmet artist, Paula Lazardo. (Yes that is a thing.) We shared our vision of a special tribute fire helmet that honored both mommy and daddy, because we’re both volunteer fire fighters. She nailed the paint job, so then it was my job to harness the power of his adorable smile and social media.

What was your vision for the session?

Rayn: Our vision for the photo shoot was to let Jeremiah’s natural charisma shine though in the setting of the fire truck. Nothing about the session was “posed.” We literally just let Jeremiah be Jeremiah.

How did your child react during the photo session?

Rayn: Jeremiah nailed his part. He was smiling through EVERY shutter click. We did the whole shoot between rain showers in only 10 minutes so we flew through it. But Jeremiah played the whole time and we loved every image but I might be a little biased.

What are some of your baby’s favorite things at this stage? What are some of your favorite memories?

Rayn: Jeremiah LOVES climbing, dad, chewing on everything, and babbling bunches. Our favorite memories stem from the first day we got to meet him. We’d waited 10 years to be parents, so getting to bust through those nursery doors to finally get to meet our baby will be a moment we’ll never forget.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your session?

Rayn: We’d like to dedicate this session to Jeremiah’s great uncle Tom, who was also on our department. #572 will be greatly missed.

We completely adore this little firefighter shoot by Art Inspired Images! Special thank you to mom Rayn and little Jeremiah for sharing it with us!


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