Art Class Locations Around Nashville: Little Art House Hillsboro Village

Art Class Locations Around Nashville: Little Art House

Did you know Little Art House has art class locations around Nashville?! It’s true! Having various spots in town means your little ones have more chances to explore, create, celebrate, and enjoy the wonderful experience that Little Art House offers. Read the interview with Emma and Leighton below to see where you can sign your kids up for a future class!

Tell us all about Little Art House Hillsboro Village & what makes it unique!

Emma and Leighton: Our Hillsboro Village studio hosts the majority of our traditional weekly classes for ages 1yr-18yrs. We offer Mini Makers for ages 1-4yrs Monday-Friday and on the weekends, we have Drop In Classes for Mini Makers as well as a 4-10yr Old Class though we still recommend signing up in advance since we often fill up. This studio is also our best space for birthdays as we can hold more people comfortably while we celebrate and create! The Hillsboro studio is right next to Dragon Park which has an awesome playground with the crazy cool Dragon mosaic sculpture as well as, what we call “The Fort”. Around the corner from the studio, you’ll find awesome restaurants, shops and more to enjoy as well. We just love this neighborhood!

Little Art House Sylvan Park is another location – tell us more!

Emma and Leighton: Our Sylvan Park studio is right next to Richland park on the edge of Sylvan Park. In the historic Sloane building, at this studio here parking is a breeze right outside our door and the studio is an old apartment so has lots of cute nooks and cranny including an entire room dedicated to sensory play, a table always set up for playdough and of course our art making space for classes & projects. In this studio, we have a number of new classes, including sewing and needle felting, as well as our beloved Creative Play drop in class on Thursday, Friday & Saturday mornings. Creative Play is geared towards 1-6yrs and is student-led with the adult guest assisting as they explore. There are different stations from which the student can choose to create or play and the adult gets to join in as well!

Tell us about Little Art House at The Getalong and your partnership with them!

Emma and Leighton: The Getalong is located at 700A Fatherland Ave on the east side of town and we have been with them since the beginning! They have the CUTEST gifts, clothes and more in the shop for kids and adults. We love how Jen supports women-owned and local businesses in her space including us. We offer an wide array of our classes (traditional or student-led and weekly or drop ins) as well as special events once a month!

We hear you host classes in Westhaven as well – what is unique about Westhaven?

Emma and Leighton: We are so happy to offer art making at the Resident’s Club in Westhaven as often as we can! Currently, we’re looking for an art teacher to teach these classes in May and onward so we can continue to offer more classes and camps but for now we try to provide as many Mini Makers and after school art classes as possible. When we have a teacher, we also offer camps during school breaks! It’s a wonderful room for art making and always a fun time with these sweet kiddos 🙂

We love that you have a non-profit connected to your business. Tell us about it!

Emma and Leighton: Little Art House Foundation is our newest endeavor and really hits close to our hearts. As the Little Art House has grown, we have seen an ongoing need for access to the arts anywhere from local community centers to public schools to nursing homes and beyond. Some organizations need supplies and teachers while others just need an extra set of hands. Our mission is to create accessible, personalized, and meaningful artistic experiences for local non-profits, schools, and community organizations in need. Currently we work with Big Brothers/Big Sisters offering classes for matches to enjoy art making together, adult classes at Nashville Public Library Hadley Park Branch, and upcoming community mural at Shelby Recreation Open House! to name a few! We also helped with Rosebank Elementary School’s art show and hope to help other art teachers wherever we can this spring too 🙂

Why did you choose each of these locations specifically to open your business?

Emma and Leighton: When we first started, we knew we wanted to be in an easily accessible location near to several schools and in a family oriented neighborhood. Since we started with summer camps at USN, being near that school was a natural pull and we lucked out with our Hillsboro location when we found a super small space that fit our budget. As we grew, we were able to secure a different space one door down that was slightly larger and that is where we are today! Sylvan Park is another neighborhood we have been eyeing for a while and after about a six month search, we landed on the perfect second studio location for us in an area near a park and with great parking. The Getalong and Westhaven are fabulous partnerships in other areas near and around Nashville and represent our desire to provide art however we can. Since we believe art making is for all ages and for everyone, it’s important to us to spread out as much as we can and we have been lucky enough to reach midtown, east nashville, west nashville and Westhaven so far!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your locations?

Emma and Leighton: As much as we try to be spread out, it’s never too far to reach a class that is the best fit for you! With all the options, we’re always happy to guide you to the offerings that best fit what your looking to experience so we’d love for you to reach out with questions or even ideas for creating a class. That, and we LOVE private events or any reason to celebrate and we don’t just mean for kids birthday parties (although those rock). The best way to reach us is [email protected] for the studio but if you’re interested in working with our Foundation or want to inquire about our services, you can email [email protected].

With so many opportunities to create, we hope that you’ll take advantage of these great art class locations around Nashville that Little Art House offers! For more information, be sure to visit their website.


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