Breastfeeding Products with Mama’s Milk Wrap and The Stork’s Warehouse

Founder of Mama’s Milk Wrap, Teran, created her product after becoming frustrated during her breastfeeding journey. She has since teamed up with Rose and Jennifer of The Stork’s Warehouse – a business that offers a wide range of products for mamas, babies and mamas to be. The partnership was a perfect match! So if you’re looking to find the perfect baby gift, these two companies can help mamas in need! Keep reading to learn more about this dynamic duo on a mission to help breastfeeding mamas!

The Stork’s Warehouse Mama Subscription Boxes + Products

The Stork’s Warehouse is a mom owned company featuring pre and postpartum support subscription boxes and products. Owners Rose and Jennifer combined have 13 kids, so they are the pros when it comes to parenting products!

All of The Stork’s Warehouse products are all natural, mom tested and doula approved. From labor boxes to newborn arrival boxes to sweet little moccasins and crib sheets, the gift ideas are endless! It’s every mama to be’s registry dream!

Not only does The Stork’s Warehouse provide products for baby and mama, but they can even throw virtual baby showers and are amazing at connecting with other mamas and brands online!

Mama’s Milk Wrap Breastfeeding Aid

Mama’s Milk Wrap is a non-ingestible breastfeeding aid that offers full coverage, hands-free pumping, conforming design that supports natural production and suppression of milk through the application of heat and cold therapy.

The wrap works twofold – first, during your nursing journey, you can pop the wrap in the microwave and wear it to provide a soothing warmth and stimulate milk production. Looking to wrap up your breastfeeding journey? Pop the wrap in the freezer to soothe aches and dry up your milk supply. It’s a product you will use for quite some time!

Plus, every wrap comes with a free consultation with a lactation expert. This will help to ensure Mama gets the support she needs to find success on her breastfeeding journey!

The wrap can also be utilized prior to the birth of baby as a belly support band with heat or cold therapy on the back, after the birth of baby as a postpartum belly band that supports healing through the temperature therapy.

Teaming Up for Breastfeeding Mamas

The best news about these two companies is that they are teaming up to bring you the best products for mamas! Now every Ultimate Breastfeeding Box from The Stork’s Warehouse comes with a Mama’s Milk Wrap! Not only will the box contain other amazing products to help you on your breastfeeding journey, but you’ll secure all the benefits of a Mama’s Milk Wrap. It’s any nursing mama’s dream gift!


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