Champagne Getaway’s Baby Nursery Makeover with The Stork’s Warehosue

I am absolutely thrilled to share that my friends at The Stork’s Warehouse brought their new Youtube series to Nashville! Yes, Rose and Jennifer’s new nursery makeover show tackled Nashville influencer Molly of The Champagne Getaway‘s brand new nursery for her baby boy! Given a room and a few days, the ladies and their crew created an amazing space for Molly’s new babe! Take a look at the episode here and also check out our interview with The Stork’s Warehouse below!

How did you choose Molly for the nursery makeover?

Rose & Jennifer: We met Molly on Instagram and we followed each other for a while. Everything fell together and we were ready to move forward with the nursery design. And we really wanted to come to Nashville for our next design episode!

Tell us more about the design of the room!

Rose & Jennifer: Molly came up with the room design concept. She presented us with a Pinterest board based around the ideas that she wanted for the nursery. We tend to work closely with the parents so we have a foundation to work off of. Then we fine tuned it and fleshed it out!

Why did you choose Nashville for your third episode?

Rose & Jennifer: We travel a lot for our projects, but this is actually Jennifer’s first time in Nashville! I (Rose) love Nashville and have been to Tennessee several times. I’ve spent a lot of time in Gatlinburg!

Where did the idea for The Stork’s Nursery com from?

Rose & Jennifer: It was very organic. We own The Stork’s Warehouse where we offer a lot of baby gear and toddler gear on our website. We love working with designs and families. We are both birth professionals and offer support postpartum as well.

Tell us more about your doula experience!

Rose & Jennifer: We’ve both been doulas for 15 years combined! Plus, adding in Jennifer’s time as a midwife – it’s about 30 years. Jennifer wanted to offer clients more, so she retired and went to med school. Rose just recently moved away from being a doula but would perform about 500-1000 births a year with her team.

Tell us more about the products in The Stork’s Warehouse subscription boxes!

Rose & Jennifer: Our labor box offers a 30 minute texting session with both professionals. Mama’s Milk Wrap has also been collaborating with The Stork’s Warehouse for about a year. It’s an amazing product for supporting parents! The Stork’s Warehouse is an online store that is the Amazon for maternity and baby gear. It has everything parents need for the baby and toddler years. We support women owned companies and we will be opening up next year to allow manufacturers to sell through The Stork’s Warehouse.

Thank you so much to The Stork’s Warehouse ladies and also to Molly for allowing us to be on set while the transformation was happening! We loved going behind the scenes of their new show! Check out more episodes over on their Youtube channel!

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