Two New Celebration Boxes from Piece of Mind Events

When it comes to love, one local planner believes it should be celebrated not just during Valentine’s day or special occasions, but every day…and we couldn’t agree more! Whether it be showing love for a significant other or love for yourself, we’re excited to share these two new celebration boxes from Piece of Mind Events. Sharde carefully curated each selection with a meaning behind each detail. Keep scrolling to learn more about the unique options!

Two New Celebration Boxes from Piece of Mind Events | Nashville Baby Guide

The February 16th Box

This box is all about love any day of the year!

What was the inspiration behind the box?

Sharde: The inspiration came from my husband and I having a date night. He went over the top and I was blow away seeing that we could only have our date at home. When I posted about it on FB, everyone was wishing me a Happy Anniversary. I spent most of the time clarifying that it was not a special occasion; it was simply his turn for our date night. It made me wonder why we as a culture don’t celebrate love every day? You don’t have to have a special occasion or a holiday to show you appreciate someone, including yourself! So I decided to create a gift for any day and for any reason at all. So that is where the name came from. It’s refers to the regular days, after Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but your love is still there.

This box focuses on the theme of everything women love. We love to look nice, enjoy sweet treats and have some sort of aromatherapy.

Two New Celebration Boxes from Piece of Mind Events | Nashville Baby Guide

What is included in this box?

Sharde: What I love most about this box is that is celebrates love. I also decided to continue to support other local businesses by including their products in this box. Every item is from a small business owner! The earrings come from @hananashville and her shop is amazing! I couldn’t decide which earrings to include in it! There is an option to purchase the dangled earrings pictured or a set of studs. The chocolate hearts come from local business Kara’s Caramels. Kara has been in business for awhile and her homemade caramels are delicious! Lastly, I became a huge fan of a young woman who owns Kandles by Kieara. This business owner is 14 years old and she inspires me to keep going! At that age, owning a business was the last thing on my mind. Her candles are so popular and she makes them all. She offers candles and also wax melts in a ton of scents. It is the perfect git to give to your significant other just because. This box is about women business owners coming together to support one another. It is about sharing your spotlight and empowering others. It is all about showing love to yourself and also to the owners in our community as we continue our business during COVID-19. My goal is to continue to build a bridge for small businesses to walk together towards success.

Two New Celebration Boxes from Piece of Mind Events | Nashville Baby Guide

The Little Black Queen Box

This second box is so dear to my heart. This box is for little black girls to remind them of how awesome they are. I believe that building a strong foundation of loving yourself and your culture will have a lifelong positive impact. So I created a box that celebrates them.

What was the inspiration behind the box?

Sharde: When I was a little girl, a black VP or even a black president was just a thought. In this world, that has actually happened. We really have so much more acceptance and diversity in our world and that should be reflected in everything. It is important for children of all colors and backgrounds to see themselves in culture, art, history, and fashion. This box does exactly that. It was also inspired by my daughter who I am instilling in her now that she is beautiful.

What is included in this box?

Sharde: The Little Black Queen Box includes: A personalized short-sleeve t-shirt that can include your child’s name, created by local black business owner What’s The Tee 3. History Book – “Dream Big, Little One” by Vasti Harrison. This boardbook highlights amazing black women from all areas of life, from Bessie Coleman to Josephine Baker. Coloring Book – “I Need You to Know..The ABCs of Black Girl Magic” by Lora McClain-Muhammad. Each letter of the alphabet has a characteristic of a black girl. If your little one is not yet reading, but loves to color, it is the perfect match! Story – “Mary Had a Little Glam” by Tammi Sauer. I love reading this book to my daughter. It focuses on how being yourself is important everywhere you go!

These are amazing Sharde! Thank you for sharing!

If you’re interested in any of these two new celebration boxes from Piece of Mind Events, click HERE!

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