Maria Gloer Photography | Cozy In-Home Newborn Session

Cozy In-Home Newborn Session with Maria Gloer Photography

One beautiful couple, one adorable baby, and one cuddly pup made this cozy in-home newborn session as sweet as can be! The Rovery family welcomed sweet baby Bingham in May and turned to Maria Gloer Photography to capture the moments. Their light and airy session wasn’t complete without fur baby Rowan there to spoil his new brother with lots of kisses. If you love effortless, laid-back, and completely heart-warming photos then you’re sure to love what’s in store for you below!

From the photographer, Maria: Baby Bingham arrived in May of 2021 to complete the Rovery family and bring so much joy into their home. Rowan, their golden retriever was especially excited to meet her new baby brother. Lot of puppy licks and cuddles were had. Bing was the cuddliest little peanut and slept though the entire session. I got to document baby Bing in his beautifully decorated nursery and hanging out with mom and dad around their Nashville home. My favorite item from his nursery was his tiny Rovery denim jacket.

Tell us all about your new baby!

Bailey: Bingham is a tiny but mighty guy that loves a good cuddle over anything. We joke that he’s like a sour patch kid because we’re pretty certain that he is 90% attitude. He’s a great sleeper (thank goodness) and loves being outside.

How was your pregnancy?

Bailey: Pregnancy was not a walk in the park due to complications that were discovered at the 20 week appointment. Luckily, everything went smoothly and Bingham came into the world healthy and 5 days early!

Tell us about his/her birth!

Bailey: My water broke at 4am the day that Bingham was born and I was so fortunate to have a short labor that lasted 11 hours from my water breaking to delivery! Childbirth is never easy of course, but I’m thankful for the experience that I had. I like to think Bingham was just ready to meet us and was eager to get earthside. The doctors and nurses at St. Thomas Midtown made our experience so enjoyable and we felt so much love and support.

Did you have a vision for the newborn session?

Bailey: Yes! Maria and I spoke about a cozy, in-home session that felt “light, clean and airy”. I personally think she nailed it!

What was it like working with your photographer?

Bailey: Amazing. This was my third time getting to work with Maria. We met at a friends wedding last summer and she also did my maternity shoot. She is incredibly easy to work with and so creative (which is a necessity with someone like myself who isn’t very creative!)

Huge thanks to the Rovery family and to Maria Gloer Photography for sharing this cozy in-home newborn session with us. It is beautiful!

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