Hollyn’s Raya and the Last Dragon 6th Birthday Party

How can it be, Hollyn is SIX! After like 3 unicorn themed birthdays in a row (well, we did have one Frozen theme last year), I think we’ve finally moved into a new phase! This year it was a Raya and the Last Dragon birthday party! This girl is all about being tough – especially since she just started karate lessons – so Raya is the perfect tough chick to celebrate the day! Plus, Piece of Mind Events made the decor and cake portion so easy with their birthday box delivery straight to our house! Keep scrolling to see Hollyn’s JOY during her sixth birthday party!

family photo birthday party
girl blowing out birthday candles

Hollyn contemplated birthday themes for quite a while. We had just watched the movie The Princess Bride and Hollyn couldn’t get enough of it! PS – super happy she has my movie taste – it’s one of my all-time favorites! However, doing a birthday theme in this would be a) actually really hilarious (pit of despair, rodents of unusual size, anyone?) and b) pretty difficult as well! So we ventured out to the movie theatre and watched Raya and the Last Dragon. Hollyn was hooked and so, a Raya birthday party was it!

girl next to birthday cake
themed birthday cake with decor

With the movie being SO new, it was honesty hard to find much inspiration online for her party. But with the help of Piece of Mind Events and City Girl Treats, we were able to pull off the cute theme seamlessly! We absolutely LOVED the turquoise and lavender party colors and the intricate cookie designs by City Girl Treats were FAB!

decorated cookies
family portrait with birthday decor
close up view of birthday cake

Hollyn was surprised with her birthday box arrival the day before her birthday from Piece of Mind Events and we loved all of the customizations! The oh-so-sweet t-shirt with her name and the birthday badge were perfect! Plus, the cake, accessories, candle, balloons, party goods, and decor were all right there, so setup was super convenient! I could tell how much thought Sharde and her team put into every piece!

girl standing behind birthday cake

The cake from Homestyle Bakery was perfect and we loved that they put her name on the cake! Their designs amaze me every time and the taste is spectacular!

We also get our balloons blown up at Rock Paper Scissors in Franklin. They also have the cutest balloon accessories and we definitely opted for the cute fringe on the ends!

girl laughing next to birthday cake

All in all, we had a great day celebrating Hollyn with our close family. We love her so dearly and cannot wait to see what six holds for her!


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