Duke’s Mickey Birthday Party by Frozen Exposure

When you’re an event planner, you know your kid’s birthday party is going to be one of a kind! This was definitely the case for Emily when she planned her son Duke’s second birthday party. After multiple trips to Disney, Duke is all in on Mickey Mouse! And so a Mickey theme to commemorate his second birthday was a must! Check out our interview with mom, Emily, below and see the photos from Frozen Exposure!

Tell us about Duke’s party!

Emily: I am an event planner so I handled all the details. We did it in Kentucky where all of our family and childhood friends are. We hosted it at The Little Gym (a local kids play space). All of our closest family and friends were there and all of the kids had the best time singing songs, running around the obstacle courses, playing in bubbles, jumping on an inflatable mat, running under the parachute, etc.

What was the theme of the party? Did you choose it or did your child choose it?

Emily: Mickey Mouse is one of Duke’s favorites after a few recent trips to Disney World.  He also loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we had all of the decor and the desserts (cookies and rice krispies) in the shape of Mickey Mouse. Life size Mickey Mouse balloons and Mickey Mouse cups filled with in-theme toys and coloring books were the favors for each kid to take home with them. His outfit for the party included some of the items from his 2 year photo shoot like the Mickey suspenders and Mickey ears.

What are you looking forward to in the next year of Duke’s life?

Emily: So many things to learn an explore in this next year. He is talking so much and saying so many funny things, it is such a fun age!

Emily – thank you so much for sharing the story of Duke’s second birthday with us! And thanks to Frozen Exposure for sharing these super fun kid’s birthday party photos with us!


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