Meet Childcare Solution: Nashville Babysitters on Demand

Today we have a special interview with Amber of Childcare Solution! As a mom herself, she realized local Nashville parents needed an incredible service – babysitters on demand! And Childcare Solution was born. 🙂 She’s here today giving us all the scoop on the business, so check it out below!

Tell us about Childcare Solution! How long have you been in business?

Amber: ChildCare Solution is a boutique style babysitting placement company that has been serving Nashville families for about 15 years! We are a home grown, local “Mom and Pop” run shop and we think that’s really the only way to have the personal touch that child care really should have.

What made you want to work with families?

Amber: I am a mom (of a sweet 4 and 2 year old!) and I felt the common need that so many share in needing some breathing room when it came to managing life and kids! Previously, I babysat through undergrad (and worked for CCS!!) then I worked in a pediatric hospital – children and babies have always been my thing! Now I get to continue that at home, helping other families while I have my own. I consider myself so, SO blessed!

What is the philosophy behind Childcare Solution?

Amber: We provide loving, reliable and engaging babysitters to care for your kids when life takes you away! We love to be available for our families when they need it – whether that is for work or play – so our structure allows our families to call upon us for occasional and reoccurring needs. Sometimes life is unpredictable and we love being a part of the solution to relieve the stress involved as parents scrambling for babysitting!

What are your strengths compared to other babysitting services?

Amber: In order to register with our company, we schedule a home visit so I’m able to meet each family – in person and in their home! This helps us develop the strong community aspect that we truly love, and helps us place the right sitters with the right families! We really do consider CCS family. Our sitters are also top notch! They are the best of the best and we are so very proud to work with them.

What attracts parents to work with you?

Amber: This is a labor of love! I believe that permeates all that we do.

Amber! Thank you so much for sharing all about your babysitting business, Childcare Solution! What an amazing and helpful service for Nashville area families! You can check them out over in our business directory!

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