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Feel Empowered in Pregnancy with Holistic Health Care from Grassroots Health & Wellness

Pregnancy may be short-term, but your health deserves long-term wellness. At Grassroots Health & Wellness, expecting moms can now feel empowered in pregnancy with holistic health care. From finding the right birth team and calming the nervous system, to tailoring your care throughout each trimester and providing a good mindset for mamas from the get-go, this team truly aspires to make each woman feel strong and capable of having the birth she desires. Interested in learning more about pregnancy with holistic health care? Check out the interview with Caroline from Grassroots Health & Wellness below!

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We are so glad Grassroots Health & Wellness focuses on holistic health for expecting moms! What are some basic health tips you can give to expecting moms?

Caroline: Thank you for having us! We love to encourage our expecting moms to feel heard and love to help them find the perfect birth team to support them on this amazing journey as well as for postpartum. We encourage them to have a doula for birth support, postpartum doula, someone to bring meals after they birth their baby to encourage the best possible experience.

Do you set up treatment plans for expecting moms?

Caroline: Here at Grassroots we typically like to make a case by case basis but we often like to see our expecting mothers more frequently to help with comfort, nervous system regulation and having the best possible outcomes with pregnancy and birth.

Do you have any holistic tips for moms that may differ in each trimester?

Caroline: Yes! Each trimester we try to tailor care. Most importantly each mama has different needs. The most important tips are to stay moving, eat wholesome foods, plenty of protein and drink enough electrolytes. Most expecting moms are not nourishing their bodies as they need to grow their little perfect human. It’s also advised that doing mindfulness, hiring a doula and postpartum doula are part of your plan for birth.

How often should moms come to Grassroots Health & Wellness while they are expecting?

Caroline: Our typical plan varies but weekly visits are advised and frequency may increase closer to expected due date.

Are there specific supplements or chiropractic treatments/stretches that help while a mother is pregnant?

Caroline: We love to tell our expecting moms to get as much as they can from foods, but some of our favorite supplements are Milk Moon herbs, wishgarden, High Garden teas and beef liver. For the best possible spinal health for pregnancy we may advise seeing a pelvic floor therapist to prepare for birth and postpartum in addition. Our office all of our doctors are Webster certified and care is very individualized. We do offer specific exercises like a yoga ball For sitting, cat/cow, figure 8 and hip stretches and much more!

Is there anything else that you’d like to share about elements of wholistic health for expecting moms?

Caroline: Trusting your body and knowing you were born to birth your baby exactly the way God intended! Chiropractic is one of the many tools that help a mother feel empowered in her pregnancy and birth.

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