Fresh48 Newborn Photography by HaleyClare Photography

Raleigh Kate’s Fresh48 Shoot by HaleyClare Photography

Fresh48s are some of the most intimate and beautiful of shoots. And when they’re as magical as this newborn session, then we can’t help but share! As this family of three embraced the welcoming of their fourth little member Raleigh Kate, HaleyClare Photography captured the joy in the room (… that also had incredible light!) Experience the heartwarming moments in the highlights below!

HaleyClare: I have to be honest about something. It doesn’t matter how many Fresh48s I shoot, it will give me all the feels every. single. time. Sure, I try to play it cool, but that usually lasts about 30 seconds after I walk into the hospital room. There’s just nothing quite like being invited into that magical bubble and being able to capture Baby’s first 48 hours in the world. Justin and Maria gave me the privilege of shooting their Fresh48 after the birth of their second daughter, Raleigh Kate. She was swaddled in the most beautiful floral muslin blanket I’ve personally ever seen, and the afternoon sun was diffusing soft light in the hospital room. I could not have created a more perfect little scene myself.

HaleyClare: Working with Maria and Justin was a dream. Seriously. They let their guard down and allowed me to capture the sweetest, genuine moments. I loved watching the gentle banter between the two of them. Maria and I had a laugh as Justin (very confidently) attempted to style their oldest daughter’s hair— sorry, Justin 😉 . The loving way Justin looked at his wife when she wasn’t paying attention was straight out of a movie. The best moments, of course, were watching the family see all of Raleigh’s firsts— the yawns, the moments when she looked at them, the songs big sister Audrey was singing to her. Fresh48 sessions are special because parents can truly be in the moment with Baby and witness these firsts, get to know their little one, and I’ll be there to capture it all. Meeting the Maria and Justin’s family was a real honor and I can’t thank them enough for their trust. Congratulations to the cutest little family of 4!

Welcome to the world Raleigh Kate! Special thanks to HaleyClare Photography for sharing these perfect newborn photos!


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