Two year old portrait session at Harlinsdale Farm by Mallory Luster Photography

Harlinsdale Farm Two Year Old Portrait Session

Brooklynn is TWO! And what a better way to celebrate her birthday than with a darling portrait session at Harlinsdale Farm! Little with a big personality, Brooklynn smiled, twirled, and posed perfectly for each photo showing her bright spirit. Whether she was near the water or a rustic backdrop, her adorable outfits paired so well with each setting. We can’t get enough of the cuteness captured by Mallory Luster Photography. Enjoy it all below!

Mallory: My whole goal behind any session is for my clients to have fun, and let their personalities shine through. I feel like for any session, if your clients, no matter the age, feel comfortable, you can capture amazing images. I like to capture emotion, true authentic moments. Whether that be running through a field, dancing through the streets, cuddled up with your loved ones, capturing what my client is feeling in that moment is important to me.

For this session, Brooklynn was turning two. She is spunky, bright, with a full personality. This little girl is full of life, and does not meet a stranger. Her precious smile will light up anyones face. We shot this session at ” The park at Harlinsdale Farm.” This particular image shows Brooklynn twirling on the pebble stone drive as you pull into Harlinsdale Farm.

Tell us all about your baby and how old she is!

Laura: Her name is Brooklynn Raine, she just turned 2 on June 25th and loves Baby Shark!

Why did you decide to do a photo session now?

Laura: To celebrate her turning 2 years old.

What was your vision for the session?

Laura: I had more of a water theme in mind since her birthday party was Baby Shark theme. But Mallory met and exceeded my expectations. She even got some of us together that I will forever cherish.

How did your child react during the photo session?

Laura: She loves the camera! She is sassy and sweet and loves being told she is beautiful! People tell her that everywhere we go. She even knows how to pose!

What was it like working with your photographer?

Laura: Wonderful! Mallory is a long time friend and old coworker! She really has the talent and natural eye for photography.

What are some of your baby’s favorite things at this stage? What are some of your favorite memories?

Laura: She loves to make me laugh, she is silly like her dad. She really understands what I say to her and is very thoughtful and sweet, I think more than any other 2 year old I know. I really love how much she loves and cares about her family.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your session?

Laura: Our session was so awesome! Mallory was so patient and good with her! She took her time and was quick to answer any questions I had.

Happy birthday Brooklyn!! Huge thanks to mom Laura and Mallory Luster Photography for sharing this darling Harlinsdale Farm portrait session with us!


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